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Second Inning, New Lineup by Karlene Lukovitz

It appears that the large consumer magazine media companies are wrapping up the initial stage of transitioning away from print dependence, and bringing in a new (or revised, anyway) lineup of players to tackle the next stage… while further consolidating and reducing head counts, writes Karlene Lukovitz.

Posted on: 27 November 2016

5 top tips - How personalisation can increase your digital revenues in 2017 - Q&A by Tom Wilde

On 20 October, Cxense chief product officer Tom Wilde delivered one of our ‘Top Tips Webinars’ where he discussed how personalisation can drive digital revenue. In this article, Tom takes you through the questions put to him during the webinar.

Posted on: 03 November 2016

5 top tips for creating engaging branded video by Pete Fergusson

Your audience expects video. It is often the quickest, most engaging and compelling way to tell a story. The demand for video is increasing, with a recent white paper by Cisco predicting that 75% of all mobile traffic will be video by 2020. Pete Fergusson, former head of commercial video at The Telegraph, now CEO at Nemorin Creative Film & Video, shares his dos and don’ts for creating great branded video content.

Posted on: 05 October 2016

Lawson Muncaster - interview by Ray Snoddy

City A.M. has become a regular sight on the streets of London over the past decade. Despite a recession, continued digital disruption and now Brexit, it’s still standing, but not yet profitable. As Lawson Muncaster tells Ray Snoddy, a profitable 2017 is the top priority.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

An App I Like – Shazam by Robyn Bechelet

Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo, Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo-doo; now what is the name of that tune? Damn it. It’s on the tip of my tongue. Doo-dloo-doo. Aaaaaaagh! Relax. Shazam can help. The brilliant simplicity of Robyn Bechelet’s fave app can teach publishers a thing or ten.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

What next for digital editions? by David Hicks

In publishing companies over the last twelve months, there has been a noticeable shift towards reducing the costs of the creation and distribution of digital editions. David Hicks takes a look at the potential reasons behind this move in a marketplace that was deemed to be the saviour of publishing five years ago.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Jan-June 2016 ABCs: a media buyer’s view by Jamie Higginson

With the latest magazine circulations showing their now-familiar declines, albeit with some notable exceptions, Jamie Higginson asks, how important are circulation figures to our media planning?

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Finding the time to grow by James Evelegh

To slightly misquote Thomas Edison, growth is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. In short, you’ve got to put the hours in, but what happens if you’re so bogged down with managing the here and now, that you have no spare hours to put in? As Publishing Software Company’s Laurence and Stephanie Cope tell James Evelegh, streamlining your ad management processes could be the key to unlocking your growth potential.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Alexandra Shulman – interview by Mary Hogarth

It’s a big year for Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of Vogue – marking the title’s centenary and publishing her book to celebrate 25 years as editor. Alexandra talks to Mary Hogarth about her editorship and why the beloved print magazines will not die.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Incisive’s root & branch rebuild by Ciar Byrne

It sometimes seems there are all too few good news stories in publishing these days. So the tale of Incisive Media’s award-winning twelve-month project to rebuild its digital platforms makes a refreshing change, writes Ciar Byrne.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Spotlight – Music magazines by Alan Geere

Don’t know your bluegrass from your elbow? Never fear, help is at hand in the vibrant rock music magazine sector. Alan Geere finds there’s lots of fun to be had reading about something rather than actually listening or watching.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Man vs Machine by Peter Preston

Machines are great at measuring things, but are the things they measure a reliable guide to good journalism? Treating content like widgets might benefit the bottom line, short-term, but might well end up damaging publishing, long-term. As Peter Preston points out, people win Pulitzers, not machines.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg by James Evelegh

Two trends underpin the global newspaper market today: sales of print newspapers are in decline but revenue from print far outstrips that from digital. Should publishers axe their print operations and focus on digital or should they nurture print and aim to make it a long term part of a genuinely multi-platform publishing strategy? As UPM’s Anu Ahola tells James Evelegh, her company believes passionately in a profitable future for print.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

9 Keys to Creating a Facebook Strategy for Your New Magazine by Amanda MacArthur

About to launch a new consumer magazine, and keen to get the word out? One of the best ways of doing this is via Facebook, writes Amanda MacArthur. A well thought through and executed Facebook strategy could make all the difference to your new magazine’s chances of success.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Off The Page by David Hepworth

David Hepworth on magazines and beyond

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Hold onto your seats by Dickon Ross

Digital disruption. We’ve been talking about it and living through its consequences for two decades or more, but for those who are hoping that calmer waters lie ahead, Dickon Ross has a clear message. In terms of disruption, what’s gone before will soon seem like a drop in the ocean. Far greater upheaval awaits us. Exciting times…

Posted on: 03 October 2016

“It’s Exciting to be an Online Journalist” by Steve Dyson

Print may be declining, but two freshly-qualified journalists are still excited about their new regional media careers. Steve Dyson finds out why.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

InDigital by Jim Foster

Jim Foster on the world of ePublishing

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Rebecca Nicholson - interview by Meg Carter

Mainstream media is forever obsessing over the youth of today; not so much what they’re up to, although that does fill useful column inches, but how to get them engaged with their output. One media organisation for whom this comes quite naturally is Vice Media. Meg Carter talks to its newish editor-in-chief, Rebecca Nicholson.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

Police-Press relations have never been worse by Anthony Longden

The last few years have seen a steady deterioration in police-press relations, with the police adopting something of a siege mentality. Anthony Longden looks at the causes of the present mistrust and asks whether anything can be done to salvage what should be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Posted on: 03 October 2016

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