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Crowded fairway by James Evelegh

With the launch of two new titles, the golfing sector has become a tad overcrowded this year. The pressure was on emap’s Today’s Golfer to maintain its number one position in the market. James Evelegh talks to brand manager Sue Holt and team to see what they have been up to.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Sep/Oct 2004

Wholesalers’ view by James Evelegh

Last year WH Smith News won two ACE awards for its services to retailers and publishers. James Evelegh met up with their magazine sales director Mark Cashmore to get his views on the supply chain.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Sep/Oct 2004

Opera (in)House by James Evelegh

Subscriptions are important to Opera magazine. Like many other niche publishers, they are increasingly seeing them as their future. James Evelegh talks to Opera’s Alice Lindsay and Megan Jackson about how they market and manage their subs, which are all handled in-house.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Sep/Oct 2004

On the town by James Evelegh

On 20th July, BPA Worldwide held one of its “town meetings” in London to debate aspects of digital editions. James Evelegh attended and heard a number of themes emerge.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Sep/Oct 2004

How often do you get it? by James Evelegh

What do you do when your ailing title has a hard core of loyal readers? They are too good to ignore but how do you retain their valuable purchasing power and close the title at the same time? James Evelegh talks to Kent Messenger Group’s Caroline Brinkman to see how they tackled such a scenario.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Sep/Oct 2004

And the winner is … by James Evelegh

What is your paper’s attitude to promotions? Do you do them occasionally and grudgingly or often and with gusto? The Teesside Evening Gazette promotes all the time and, as James Evelegh reports, they’ve got rather good at it.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jul/Aug 2004

East is born by James Evelegh

Publishers and would-be publishers wile away the hours trying to find that elusive gap in the market. Two years ago, two journalists on the Eastbourne Herald thought they had found one. The events of the last eighteen months have proved them right. James Evelegh takes up the story.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jul/Aug 2004

Golden nuggets by James Evelegh

As part of their recent Magazine 2004 event, the PPA hosted a subscriptions conference entitled “Looking to the future?” James Evelegh went along to hear the pearls of wisdom. In no particular order, here are fifteen of them.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jul/Aug 2004

Countdown to Cardiff by James Evelegh

When Bolton Wanderers reached the 2004 Carling Cup Final, few people in the town were as excited as the team from the Bolton Evening News. In terms of newspaper sales opportunities this was a dream come true.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2004

Battle for shelf space by James Evelegh

With domestic shelf space becoming harder to find, publishers are increasingly looking to export markets to maintain or grow their total sales. James Evelegh looks at some of the challenges facing exporters.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2004

Publisher turns programmer by James Evelegh

Publishers do lots of things well but writing software isn’t usually one of them. For good reasons we tend to leave that to our suppliers. However, faced with challenges but no available third part solution, the team at the Herald & Post Series, decided to create their own system. James Evelegh takes up the story.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2004

Unwrapping opportunities by James Evelegh

In the perpetual quest to maximise revenues and cut costs, many publishers are failing to see the opportunities right under their noses – in the mailing house. James Evelegh talks to Terry Turner about the new techniques being used by some forward looking publishers.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2004

Digital versions by James Evelegh

When it comes to digital versions, most of us would prefer not to have to think about them. We know print, we’re comfortable with print, we don’t like change and yes, my head is stuck in the sand. If you’re happy to miss out, then stay put. Alternatively, pull your head out, open your eyes and see the incredible opportunities that digital has to offer.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Mar/Apr 2004

VFD overview by James Evelegh

James Evelegh takes a look at the VFD sector and solicits the views of Archant Anglia’s group distribution manager Steve Shepherd, the editor of The Hunts Post Paul Richardson and Martyn Gates, director of newspapers and consumer magazines at the ABC.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Mar/Apr 2004

How to choose a subs bureau by James Evelegh

They say that marrying and moving house are stressful. Have you ever tried changing subs bureau? As with the former, so with the latter: the key to long term success lies in making the right choice at the start. And how do you do that? James Evelegh talks you through the steps.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jan/Feb 2004

The rise and rise of email marketing by James Evelegh

Undoubtedly quicker and cheaper, email marketing has taken off in the UK. However it is not without its risks and is not the solution to every marketing problem. James Evelegh talks to Angus Chenevix Trench of Tower Publishing Services about the upsides, downsides and trends.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jan/Feb 2004

Success is Sweet by James Evelegh

Web usage has evolved to the point where it is no longer viewed as simply an alternative distribution channel but as a means of offering totally new services and enhanced levels of customer service. James Evelegh talks to Jose Garcia of Consult GEE and Matthew Binley of BCC Marketing Services.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jan/Feb 2004

Norfolk Direct by James Evelegh

Huge amounts are spent by the regionals on circulation marketing, yet the suspicion persists that it is not money well spent. Too much wastage and too little retention. Philip Preston of Archant Norfolk is one of a select band trying something different.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jan/Feb 2004

Simplifying international payment collection by James Evelegh

Wading through reconciliation reports? Seething at bank charges? Wondering why no one from Holland has sent you a cheque? Perhaps you should be outsourcing your international payment collection. InCirculation talks to Paul van Alfen of payment service provider GlobalCollect.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jan/Feb 2004

Getting the most out of telemarketing by James Evelegh

"Last minute, unplanned and expecting miracles" just about sums up many publishers' attitude to telemarketing. But it could be so different. InCirculation talks to four leading suppliers to see how the relationship between publisher and their chosen telemarketing agency could be made more mutally beneficial.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Nov/Dec 2003

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