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Multi-Platform Publishing by Mark Rix

MEN Media Group has been at the forefront of multi platform publishing for some time now. Mark Rix explains why the core strategy of convergence has been vigorously pursued throughout the organisation.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Sep/Oct 2007

Turn & fight by Mark Rix

What do you do when sales of your core product are in long term decline? Do you accept the inevitable, and seek to manage that decline as gracefully as possible, or do you resolve to do something about it. The Manchester Evening News has chosen the latter path and taken radical action. Mark Rix explains why.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2006

Regional press - playing to the audience by Mark Rix

The Manchester Evening News (like many other regional dailies) has experienced steadily declining circulations over the past six years. Yet deputy managing director Mark Rix is upbeat about the future. He is one of a growing number of regional publishers tuned into the vagaries of today’s (and tomorrow’s) readers. Adopting a portfolio approach to publishing is, he says, the key to a bright future for the regionals.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jan/Feb 2005

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