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The Sub is dead. Long live the Sub? by Peter Sands

For a back room role, the sub-editor has enjoyed a great deal of exposure of late – admittedly much of it focussing on its imminent demise. Yet Peter Sands still sees a need for a second pair of eyes, even if they might not be as numerous as before, or even situated in the same country as the rest of the publishing operation. Here, Peter takes an overview of the great subs debate.

Source: InPublishing Magazine May/Jun 2009

No more City Finals? by Peter Sands

Producing multiple editions of daily and evening papers was once the norm. No longer. With some notable exceptions, most publishers are moving remorselessly towards single editions. Peter Sands tracks the demise of editionising.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2008

In the community by Peter Sands

The road to recovery for local newspapers runs through the neighbourhood. Or does it? Newspapers make a great play of the fact that they are “local” – it is their unique selling point. But Peter Sands asks whether they really capitalise on their role in the community or merely pay lip service to it.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2008

A new generation of story tipsters by Peter Sands

Getting your readership to contribute content is exactly the right thing to do ... in principle. In practice, however, great care needs to be taken if you are to avoid being deluged with drivel. Peter Sands has ten suggestions on how to manage and benefit from user generated content.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Nov/Dec 2007

With readers and advertisers off to the web, what will be left on the shelf? by Peter Sands

Is the print paper doomed? Judging by the wailing and gnashing of teeth in some print circles, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was. Yet the printed newspaper remains hugely popular. Yes, it needs to adapt to changing technologies and markets, but when was that not the case? Peter Sands has a ten point plan mapping out where it needs to go from here.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2007

Watching paint dry by Peter Sands

Your weekly entertainment guide should be FUN. More than that, it should be the cornerstone of your strategy to attract younger readers. Then, why is it that so many What’s On guides are dull, unfocussed and lack a voice? Peter Sands urges regional newspapers to rethink their leisure sections.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Sep/Oct 2006

Design that sells by Peter Sands

A compelling front page sells extra copies. Simple! You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who disagrees with that statement. Why is it then, asks Peter Sands, that newspapers so often fail to do themselves justice in this crucial area of sales and marketing?

Source: InCirculation Magazine Mar/Apr 2006

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