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Society of Editors Conference 2012 by Steve Dyson

The BBC’s Newsnight controversy, the future of investigative journalism and anxious debates ahead of Leveson all provided timely content at the Society of Editors annual conference. But were there enough actual editors among delegates? Steve Dyson reports.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

Joanne Butcher - interview by Steve Dyson

The deep recession and the Leveson Inquiry are resulting in major changes in journalistic training, including new courses in business and finance reporting and media ethics. Steve Dyson finds out more from Joanne Butcher, chief executive of the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Sep/Oct 2012

Doug Melloy - interview by Steve Dyson

Many regional newspaper editors have lost their jobs in recent months, often in mid-career. But Doug Melloy retires on his 65th birthday this June, after three decades as editor. Steve Dyson reports.

Source: InPublishing Magazine May/Jun 2012

Making money with hyperlocal by Steve Dyson

Big publishers have closed some weekly newspapers and ‘hyperlocal’ websites are struggling to make serious money. But small, independent papers full of street corner content are still surviving. Steve Dyson reports.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2012

Society of Editors Conference 2011 by Steve Dyson

As the future of press regulation was debated at the Society of Editors annual conference, three newspapers closed, two more were put on death row and a new survey of delegates’ attitudes was revealed. Steve Dyson reports.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2012

Going Weekly by Steve Dyson

The daily Torquay Express will become a weekly product from July 21 in what could be a new tide of conversions. Steve Dyson discovers how this has been successful for one newspaper – and wonders who might be next.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jul/Aug 2011

Immoral earnings by Steve Dyson

Prostitution is not a subject that regional newspapers like to dwell on – apart from in the ‘Personal Services’ columns in their classified advertising sections. Steve Dyson reports on the murky world of massage parlour ads.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2011

Hyperlocal – for love or money? by Steve Dyson

There are hundreds of hyperlocal sites across the UK, all with energetic editors and enthusiastic audiences. But the vast majority make no profit and pay no salaries. Steve Dyson reports on what makes hyperlocal websites tick.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2010

What future the regionals? by Steve Dyson

The regional press has seen substantial circulation declines, yet total readership is growing via the internet. Steve Dyson asks the experts about the reasons for change, future prospects and whether national organisations should still engage with the sector.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jul/Aug 2010

Once more unto the breach by Steve Dyson

There is a crisis of leadership in the regional press, says Steve Dyson. How can the regional newspaper industry hope to recover unless the executives who lead it show confidence in their own products? Where are the leaders, where are the visionaries?

Source: InPublishing Magazine May/Jun 2010

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