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Capital collaboration

Since its launch in November 2014, Newssolutions – the publisher-facing team at News UK – has been sharing its vision for the sustainable future of the UK newspaper and magazine industry. In the third part of the series, Martin Maynard focuses on Newssolutions’ impressive print and logistics operation that is delivering a world-class distribution service to our nation’s capital.

Martin Maynard

Posted on: 15 July 2015

A complete solution.


Organising regular early morning deliveries to thousands of retailers and consumers across London is a logistical challenge for any publisher. For News UK, this is a task it has been perfecting over many years, successfully distributing its home-grown titles such as The Sun, The Times and Sunday Times via its established direct to retail and pre-7am doorstep delivery services. What many publishers don’t realise, is that these services, and many other tailored print and distribution solutions, are now available to third-party titles looking to target the London area.

At the heart of Newssolutions’ London operation is its strategically located newspaper print site and Logistics Support Centre (LSC) at Broxbourne. These two award-winning state-of-the-art facilities situated close to the M25 and a stone’s throw from the A10, provide a direct link to the heart of the capital. Since its construction as part of a £600 million investment in News UK’s print facilities, the Broxbourne site – which is one of three print sites owned by News UK – has been printing a number of well-established third-party newspaper titles, in addition to a portfolio of regional and weekly publications.

Whether a publisher is looking to source a newspaper print service, or a distribution service for a newspaper or magazine, News UK’s Broxbourne site has the facilities, technology and scale to deliver a tailored solution for titles of any size. With each of its 12 presses capable of printing up to 86,000 full colour copies per hour, the Broxbourne print site is supported by an efficient distribution operation able to match the speed of the presses, to ensure each title hits its target delivery time.

Newssolutions successfully distributes numerous titles throughout London using its Logistics Support Centre at Broxbourne. Primarily distributing The Sun and The Times, Newssolutions’ retailer delivery service delivers to over 6,200 retailers in the capital daily. Newssolutions has also been working to expand its direct to retail operation, recently welcoming a number of new magazines and guidebooks to the service.

Direct to consumer

Newssolutions’ direct to consumer service offers publishers a guaranteed before 7am daily delivery to readers living inside and at the perimeter of the M25. The service already delivers to over 50,000 individuals across London and offers a competitively priced alternative to magazine titles that rely on postal service providers to deliver to their subscribers. Newssolutions’ dedicated in-house team ensures that the most cost-effective and efficient route is taken from LSC to reach each consumer before 7am. Newssolutions tracks every doorstep delivery providing publishers with a dedicated day of delivery, plus accurate data on when and where each delivery is made.

Delivering direct to consumers is a service that Newssolutions is keen to expand, with deliveries having increased significantly from 2014 due to the gradual addition of third-party titles looking to take advantage of this service. A range of high-profile publications are already enjoying the cost-savings available through this collaborative approach, with more set to join in the coming months.

Newssolutions looks to offer an unrivalled complete solution for the London area. Whether a publisher is looking to utilise all, or part, of its print and logistics operation, the team will provide third-party titles with the expertise to ensure a more sustainable future. At Newssolutions, the team continues to demonstrate that collaboration through print and distribution creates efficiencies and cost-savings; bringing attention to the reality that publishers should compete at the newsstand, not in getting there.

News UK’s Broxbourne site has the facilities, technology and scale to deliver a tailored solution for titles of any size.

The News Building, 1 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9GF

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