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Surviving 2009 by Ray Snoddy

No one pretends 2009 is going to be easy, but there is no point whingeing and feeling sorry for ourselves. The best thing to do is to use the time wisely and to plan for the upturn, so that when those first green shoots of recovery start to sprout, you will be well placed to capitalise. Ray Snoddy looks at the likely trends for 2009.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2009

The Incredible Disappearing Classifieds by Ray Snoddy

The continuing impact of online, coupled with the looming recession, has had a devastating impact on newspaper classifieds. The question, says Ray Snoddy, is will they return when the economic sun shines again, or are they gone for good.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2008

A little local difficulty by Ray Snoddy

The regional press and the BBC are on a collision course over the latter’s plans to launch a local video news service. The BBC sees it as part of its public service remit and the press sees it as a misuse of license fee money. Ray Snoddy looks at the issues involved.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Sep/Oct 2008

What to do with an accidental audience by Ray Snoddy

Over the past few years, some UK nationals have garnered a healthy and demographically-attractive overseas audience. But overseas audiences are much harder to monetise than domestic ones, and publishers have been struggling to find the right commercial formula. Recently, reports Ray Snoddy, they have been ramping up their efforts, particularly in the US.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jul/Aug 2008

Bulks – what are they good for? by Ray Snoddy

Legitimate sampling exercise or cynical attempt to massage ABC figures? Few subjects are better placed to get media buyers hot under the collar than bulks. Ray Snoddy looks at how publishers employ this contentious device.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2008

Ad break by Ray Snoddy

The profitability of newspapers derives, in large measure, from advertising. Traditionally, national newspaper sales teams have been good at promoting their own papers, but less so the merits of the medium as a whole. For that reason, the Newspaper Marketing Agency was set up, tasked with communicating the benefits of newspapers to the advertising world. Ray Snoddy talks to the NMA’s chief executive, Maureen Duffy, about progress to date and the challenges ahead.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Mar/Apr 2008

The rise of the frees by Ray Snoddy

Free publications are not new. Door-to-door papers have been around for ages, as have postal B2B free magazines. Even the distribution model is not new; free mags have long been stuffed into the hands of commuters or left in pick-up bins. What is new is that they are competing directly and successfully with mainstream established paid-for titles. Ray Snoddy talks to some of the leading lights in the sector.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jan/Feb 2008

Shattering illusions by Ray Snoddy

Us publishers, we’re different aren’t we? Special, unpredictable. Retailers don’t really understand us, but that’s ok, because we bring in the footfall – right? And, because we’re so unique, there’s not much we can learn from other more - how shall I put it - prosaic industries. Is there? Ray Snoddy chaired the PPA’s recent MagSell event and heard Tom Fender and Peter Wagg serve up a few home truths to the publishing community.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Nov/Dec 2007

Better Mood music by Ray Snoddy

On the face of it, the outlook for newspapers is little different now to what it was three or four years ago. Circulations were declining then, and they still declining now. Yet the mood in the industry is different. Wild eyed panic has been replaced with an almost serene like optimism. Ray Snoddy talks to Stuart Taylor and others about this change in mood.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Sep/Oct 2007

The Good News by Ray Snoddy

With so many pundits talking the newspaper industry down, it is refreshing to find someone prepared to fight its corner. Gavin O’Reilly acknowledges some structural problems with the UK market, yet sees a bright future for the printed newspaper. Ray Snoddy met with him to find out why.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jul/Aug 2007

Apples and Pears by Ray Snoddy

Ever since the internet was first identified as one of the contributory factors in newspaper circulation decline, publishers and advertisers have been obsessing over measurement issues; in particular the search for a single measure of a newspaper’s on and offline reach. The subject was discussed at the recent Venice Festival of Media. Ray Snoddy was there.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2007

Tea at the Telegraph by Ray Snoddy

The Telegraph’s move to its shiny new newsroom at Victoria continues to attract much comment, some of it one-sided and not entirely positive. Ray Snoddy met with Telegraph editor Will Lewis to hear his side of the story.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Mar/Apr 2007

Behind bars? by Ray Snoddy

Is the digital newsroom a journalists’ prison? Will it help or hinder content delivery in the multi-media world? Ray Snoddy looks at newsroom design and what it tells us about newspapers’ state of preparedness for the future.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jan/Feb 2007

No surrender! by Ray Snoddy

Newspapers might be in long term structural decline, but they are not throwing in the towel. Indeed, the energy and creativity with which the press is fighting its corner is breathtaking. Raymond Snoddy looks at how they are battling for every last reader, both on and offline.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Nov/Dec 2006

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