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The new normal? by James Evelegh

Dovetail held its fifth annual client conference on 24 January at Royal Mint Court, near the Tower of London. James Evelegh went along to listen to an impressive line-up of speakers giving their thoughts on the future of publishing.

Source: InPub Weekly # 128 01/02/2013

AOP Digital Publishing Summit by James Evelegh

On 12 October, the AOP held their 2012 digital publishing summit at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza hotel in London. The theme of the day was ‘unleashing your inner startup’. James Evelegh went along to find out more.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2012

Round Table: How subs teams are adapting to the digital world by James Evelegh

On 11 October, iSUBSCRiBE invited some of the UK’s leading subscriptions marketers to a round table event looking at how subscriptions departments were coping with the transition to digital. James Evelegh took notes…

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2012

Who wants to be a billionaire? by James Evelegh

A busy year at Bloomberg Markets magazine is about to climax with the release of their first ‘Billionaires’ issue. James Evelegh met with publisher Michael Dukmejian and Director EMEA, Laurie Benson to find out more.

Source: InPub Weekly # 112 05/10/2012

The Duncan Painter way by James Evelegh

Duncan Painter, CEO at the Top Right Group, was interviewed by the PPA’s Barry McIlheney at the Digital Publishing Conference on Wednesday and gave some interesting insights into his business philosophy, writes James Evelegh.

Source: InPub Weekly # 111 28/09/2012

InPublishing Tip 6 – Never drop your guard by James Evelegh

Most people in publishing can spot a malevolent spammer a mile off. The real danger comes, writes James Evelegh, when the message is from a friend.

Source: InPub Weekly # 098 01/06/2012

InPublishing Tip 5 – Thank the PRs by James Evelegh

Much as we would like to pretend otherwise, the news pages of most B2B sites, and a great many consumer ones too, rely on press releases to sustain them. When you run a press release, writes James Evelegh, take a minute to thank the PR. It pays dividends.

Source: InPub Weekly # 097 25/05/2012

InPublishing Tip 4 – Get on the iPad by James Evelegh

Err… tip # 4 might not win any awards for originality, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth saying. For consumer magazine publishers, writes James Evelegh, it is critical that you develop a tablet edition of your magazine now.

Source: InPub Weekly # 096 18/05/2012

InPublishing Tip 2 - Stick to your publishing schedule by James Evelegh

For B2B controlled circulation titles, the urge to play fast and loose with your own publishing schedule can be irresistible, especially if you’re waiting on an ad. Resist the urge, writes James Evelegh, because ultimately it will damage your brand.

Source: InPub Weekly # 093 27/04/2012

Dovetail Conference 2012 by James Evelegh

On the 26th January, in the grand setting of the IoD, Dovetail held their seventh annual client conference, and as usual, invited an interesting selection of speakers. James Evelegh went along to listen.

Source: InPub Weekly # 081 03/02/2012

The Penny Jar Test by James Evelegh

The importance of working on your relationships was one of the main themes at last week’s PPA Customer Direct conference, held at The Brewery, in London. And, writes James Evelegh, the FT’s Mary Beth Christie had an interesting way of illustrating this.

Source: InPub Weekly # 074 02/12/2011

eZ peasy by James Evelegh

Wednesday morning at the PPA offices in London saw phase 1 of CMS systems provider eZ’s attempts to crack the UK publishing market. James Evelegh went along to the breakfast briefing.

Source: InPub Weekly # 073 25/11/2011

Les Pipe Interview by James Evelegh

It’s been a hectic week for Les Pipe, managing director of Rhapsody, the pre-media company formed by the merger of Wyndeham Pre-Press and Masterpiece. James Evelegh caught up with him to get his take on the rapidly evolving media scene.

Source: InPub Weekly # 072 18/11/2011

Publishers: Know Your Worth by James Evelegh

The Association of Online Publishers held its tenth annual summit on the 14th October in the cavernous underground vault that is the Westminster Ballroom at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza. James Evelegh went down to listen.

Source: InPub Weekly # 068 21/10/2011

The new Nuts by James Evelegh

Last week saw the unveiling of a new refreshed Nuts magazine. James Evelegh sent the kids to bed early to have a read.

Source: InPub Weekly # 060 26/08/2011

Review of SIPA 2011 by James Evelegh

The UK arm of the Specialised Information Publishers Association (SIPA) held its annual conference at Royal Mint Court in July. James Evelegh went along to listen and learn.

Source: InPub Weekly # 059 19/08/2011

The 800lb cookie in the room by James Evelegh

On Wednesday, writes James Evelegh, the ABC held its annual Interaction event at Congress Centre in London, with ‘New Horizons’ as its theme.

Source: InPub Weekly # 051 10/06/2011

A piece of cake? by James Evelegh

BBC GoodFood magazine’s iPad app is widely held to be one of the best of the first generation of magazine tablet apps. Publishing Director Alfie Lewis spoke at the recent PPA conference about what they had learned so far. James Evelegh was taking notes.

Source: InPub Weekly # 048 20/05/2011

Breakfast with Steve Forbes by James Evelegh

As press launches go, breakfast in the Kensington Rooms at Claridges takes some beating, writes James Evelegh. Steve Forbes and senior members of his team were on a whistle-stop tour of Europe this week to promote the launch of Forbes in Europe.

Source: InPub Weekly # 047 13/05/2011

At the Dovetail client day by James Evelegh

When is a client day not a client day? When you hold it in the posh surrounding of the IoD and invite a top notch line up of speakers. James Evelegh went along on the 27th January to listen.

Source: InPub Weekly # 035 04/02/2011

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