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Changing subs models by James Evelegh

On 3rd October 2006, Broadsystem hosted a seminar entitled: Turning the subscription model on its head – from revenue drain to relationship gain. James Evelegh went along to listen. Here are ten themes that stood out.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Nov/Dec 2006

MagSell’06 by James Evelegh

On 26 September 2006, the PPA held its MagSell conference and awards at the Natural History Museum in London. James Evelegh went along to listen to the presentations, which included one by Pick Me Up editor June Smith-Sheppard.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Nov/Dec 2006

Mailing houses by James Evelegh

Mailing houses could be forgiven for being heartily sick of all things online. All they ever hear is “online this” and “email that”. Aaaaaaagh!!!!!!! Well, they are putting a brave face on it and, for the most part, successfully adapting their offering to the multi-channel world. James Evelegh touches base with some leading operators.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Sep/Oct 2006

In-house systems by James Evelegh

Subscription management systems have come a long way in the last ten years, as software developers have raced to stay abreast of changing technologies and increased publisher expectation. James Evelegh looks at how subscription software has evolved and where it’s heading.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jul/Aug 2006

F&L trends by James Evelegh

Frees and leaflets (F&L) teams have seen their work greatly helped by system advances over the last ten years, and there is no sign of a slow down. James Evelegh looks at the trends which will affect the way F&L teams operate in the future.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jul/Aug 2006

Software trends by James Evelegh

Most publishers recognise the need for change, even if they might disagree on the precise direction. Few, though, dispute that systems will play an increasingly pivotal role in tomorrow’s publishing world. James Evelegh looks at how newspaper sales systems, and circulation software in general, are adapting to the changing market.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2006

Subs bureaux by James Evelegh

For the many publishers that entrust the management of their subscriber and controlled lists to bureaux, the bureau represents the front line in their marketing efforts and the public face of their title. A productive, mutually beneficial relationship is, therefore, of paramount importance. James Evelegh looks at publisher expectation and perception and how the service offering provided by bureaux is evolving.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2006

Online publishing: how to profit from new online revenue models by James Evelegh

In February 2006, NEPA held a half day workshop looking at online revenue models. James Evelegh went along to listen.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2006

Free supermarket distribution by James Evelegh

With more and more of us doing our grocery shopping in supermarkets, the chances are that you will be familiar with the free magazine racks. But what opportunities do these racks offer to publishers? James Evelegh looks at some of the marketing strategies evolving around this newish route to market.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Mar/Apr 2006

UK NEPA 2005 by James Evelegh

UK NEPA held its 11th annual conference on 12 July at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel. It was a lively day, including round table discussions, panel discussions and presentations. James Evelegh went along to listen and here, reviews the presentation of Fleet Street Publications’ Nic Laight.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Sep/Oct 2005

Magazines 2005 by James Evelegh

On 3 & 4 May 2005, the great and the good of the magazine industry congregated at the Grosvenor House in London. The shadow of the OFT loomed large over the event and I suspect that supply chain issues crept into most of the sessions – in particular the retail one. James Evelegh squeezed in to hear this seminar – which at times was standing room only.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jul/Aug 2005

Eyes and ears by James Evelegh

The UK newsstand is worth approx £1.6bn a year in terms of retail revenue and how our titles are handled at the 55,000 odd retail outlets is fundamental. Yet how much control do we have and how much influence do we exert at the retail sharp end? After all, to quote Robert Burns, “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” James Evelegh looks at how using the services of merchandisers can assist publishers in maximising their retail performance.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jul/Aug 2005

BCMA conference 2005: the changing role of circulation management by James Evelegh

On 18 May 2005, at the Westbury Mayfair in London, publishers and senior circulation executives gathered to hear speakers, including Euromoney’s Jane Wilkinson, CMP’s Diana Lomax and Haymarket’s Martin Durham, discuss the role of circulation in today’s publishing climate. Here, James Evelegh reviews Martin Durham’s presentation.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jul/Aug 2005

Circulation winners by James Evelegh

April 4th 2005 saw one of the key events in the newspaper calendar – the Newspaper Society’s annual circulation, editorial and promotions conference. One of the most interesting presentations was by Jim Chisholm, the World Association of Newspapers’ strategy advisor. Jim reviewed recent WAN research that looked at the common characteristics shared by 18 newspapers around the globe that were all proven circulation winners. Here, James Evelegh, summarises the key points from Jim's presentation.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2005

Niche & specialist by James Evelegh

Whereas the traditional newstrade is full to bursting, the N&S route has huge growth potential. Many publishers have shied away from it in the past, unsure of the precise business model and put off by its perceived complexities. James Evelegh talks to WWMD’s Dave Sholl and Mark Sheridan about why publishers should look afresh at N&S.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2005

Canine capers by James Evelegh

Over the past decade, most publishers have struggled to create a coherent web strategy to complement their print products. Online publisher K9 Media was faced with the opposite problem – how to create a successful print brand to complement its thriving online business. James Evelegh talks to K9 Media’s managing director, Ryan O’Meara, about their evolution from web to print.

Source: InCirculation Magazine May/Jun 2005

High flyers by James Evelegh

An awareness of what’s gone before makes for better planning and decision making. In direct marketing this is achieved through a culture of testing and documentation. James Evelegh talks to Natmag’s Karen Louth about her knowledge based approach to marketing and how it consistently delivers a good return on investment.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Mar/Apr 2005

International fulfilment by James Evelegh

Publishers’ approach to international fulfilment has made great strides in the past decade and they are demanding more and more from their suppliers. Quadrant Subscription Services (QSS) handles the fulfilment for many prominent domestic publishers and also such large international ones as BusinessWeek, The Economist, Forbes and Newsweek. James Evelegh met up with QSS’s Dave Appleton and Nick Barnes to discuss the current state of play.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Mar/Apr 2005

The ethnic pound by James Evelegh

The UK’s ethnic communities now number over 4.5m (approx 8% of total population). This is a sizable market, made accessible by its concentration in London and a few other large cities. James Evelegh talks to Ethnic Media Group’s Mike Chinnery about the challenges of marketing to Britain’s black and Asian communities.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jan/Feb 2005

Magazine Subscriptions Conference 2004 by James Evelegh

On 11 November the PPA held its annual Magazine Subscriptions conference at the Grosvenor House in London. Over 25 different speakers across 13 different seminars and presentations were squeezed into the day. James Evelegh went to the Creative Masterclass to hear the presentation of Chris Barraclough, creative partner of Barraclough Edwards Chamberlain.

Source: InCirculation Magazine Jan/Feb 2005

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