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The Royals: still good for sales? by Liz Gerard

A lot of editors take every opportunity to splash with the Royals. But does it still make circulation sense? Liz Gerard reports.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jul/Aug 2018

Credit where credit’s due by Liz Gerard

The press has got a long and proud history of fighting injustice and exposing corruption. But what about the dark side of our industry: phone hacking, chequebook journalism and byline banditry? How can we justify that? Liz Gerard investigates the murky waters of content theft.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2018

Rise of agenda-driven journalism by Liz Gerard

The press likes to draw a distinction between its quality-controlled output and the unregulated rubbish on social media. Yet, writes Liz Gerard, sloppy reporting, an unwillingness to provide context and an increasing tendency towards agenda-driven journalism is blurring the lines.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2017

Well, who saw that coming! by Liz Gerard

In terms of shock value, the 2017 election result was even more unexpected than last year’s Brexit vote and Trump win! No one saw it coming. Liz Gerard looks at how our national press covered the election and what effect, if any, they had on the outcome.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jul/Aug 2017

Have newspapers got nastier? by Liz Gerard

Is public discourse and reasoned debate to be nurtured or stamped on? British society is perhaps more polarised than at any time in living memory. Is the Press’ intemperance a symptom of this or part of the cause? Liz Gerard reports.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2017

January = skiing royals; October = Strictly by Liz Gerard

What would editors do without these and other hardy perennials? Liz Gerard looks at some of the nationals’ editorial short-cuts.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

Wot lost it? by Liz Gerard

On 23 June, the UK voted to leave the EU and the earth hasn’t stopped shaking since. How did the usually (small ‘c’) conservative Brits come to make such a monumental decision and how did Fleet Street inform the debate and influence the result? Liz Gerard reports.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jul/Aug 2016

Gender imbalance by Liz Gerard

Is the disproportionate number of pictures of un-newsworthy women in our national press an essential circulation prop or a demeaning way to treat half their potential readership? Or both? Liz Gerard investigates.

Source: InPublishing Magazine May/Jun 2016

A new dawn? by Liz Gerard

Launched on 29 February, does The New Day have a bright future? Liz Gerard casts her eye over Trinity Mirror’s new national paper…

Source: InPublishing Magazine Mar/Apr 2016

2015 – a year in tabloid front pages by Liz Gerard

Headlines drive sales, so the choice of front page headline and picture says a lot about a newspaper’s priorities, outlook and what it thinks are the hopes and fears of its readership. Liz Gerard has analysed every front page from 2015 for the five daily tabloids. This is the story they told.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Jan/Feb 2016

A Question of Trust by Liz Gerard

What do politicians, estate agents and journalists have in common? They all regularly come bottom in most-trusted-profession surveys. Is this reputation deserved, does it matter, and can anything be done about it? Liz Gerard reports.

Source: InPublishing Magazine Sep/Oct 2015

A lifetime to build, a second to destroy by Liz Gerard

Trust is a fragile thing. It is Fleet Street’s greatest asset, but is being put in jeopardy by the increasingly frantic chase for advertising revenue. Liz Gerard looks at the mounting commercial pressure on editorial teams.

Source: InPublishing Magazine May/Jun 2015

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