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November / December 2009 Features List

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Newspapers section

Ray Snoddy: subject to be decided.

Peter Preston investigates the willingness and ability of the UK press to conduct effective investigative journalism.

Peter Sands: What the regional press needs to be doing in 2010.

Bob Satchwell on what the Telegraph expenses exclusive tells us about the importance of print media.

Chris Collins introduces the ACE Circulation Development Programme.

Magazines section

David Hepworth sees magazines getting back to their core in the "post-fluff" age.

Meg Carter interviews Hello! publisher Charlotte Stockting.

Alfie Lewis explains the publishing strategy of BBC Good Food magazine.

Kate Mayfield looks at the issue of data proliferation and asks, friend or foe?

Matthew Parker: implementation issues when working with new suppliers.

Dave Gurney asks - Insight revenue; are publishers missing a trick?

Bruce Skivington looks at the future of magazine retailing for specialist publishers.

Dennis Jared on how magazines and newspapers can ensure their survival in a recession.

Online section

Andrew Bagguley summarises the current trends and opportunities for newspaper publishers in the mobile arena.

Martin Maynard: why publishers should be getting involved in social networks.

Tony Coad discusses new revenue opportunities for publishers.

Carolyn Morgan looks at how publishers can make money out of their digital archives.

Graham Duffil checks the industry’s current state of mind on page-turning digital editions.

Mark Edwards: “How to make money by giving content away.”

Paul Hood reviews the launch of

Andy Maslen: How to lose your fear of search engines and write web copy that sells.

Amanda Watlington presents blogging strategies for publishers.

Robert McCaffrey on micropayments.

Angus Phillipson looks at content taxonomy and semantics.

And finally ...

Another ‘View from the States’ from Karlene Lukovitz.

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