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Articles by Ciar Byrne

Podcasting comes of age by Ciar Byrne

The line between publishing and broadcasting has been blurring for some time now and the recent upsurge in podcasting has accelerated the trend. Publishers are taking their place on the main podcast platforms alongside traditional broadcasters. Christian Bennett talks to Ciar Byrne about The Guardian’s latest series, Today in Focus.

Posted on: 07 February 2019


Building a sustainable brand by Ciar Byrne

Faversham House’s Luke Nicholls was named Publishing Innovator of the Year (Business Media) at this year’s PPA Awards. One of the things that’s made the biggest difference, he tells Ciar Byrne, is the development of a highly engaged reader community for the company’s sustainability brand, edie.

Posted on: 27 November 2018


Room for growth by Ciar Byrne

The Economist has identified a potential global market of 72 million people, which means that despite a very healthy circulation of 1.4 million, there remains huge potential for growth. Marina Haydn tells Ciar Byrne about the strategies the 175-year-old title is deploying to target prospective Economist readers around the world.

Posted on: 25 September 2018


Events: no longer an add-on by Ciar Byrne

Events used to be a nice add-on for magazines; an annual awards ceremony, for instance, photographed for the back pages, and giving readers a glimpse into a world they couldn't hope to enter. Now, as Hearst’s Victoria Archbold tells Ciar Byrne, they are at the very core of brands and readers are invited to come on in, whether in person or via social media.

Posted on: 24 July 2018


New revenue streams by Ciar Byrne

Mark Allen Group is a big believer in print… and a big believer in digital too! As Matt Cianfarani tells Ciar Byrne, digital publishing is opening up lucrative new revenue streams for the group’s healthcare titles.

Posted on: 22 May 2018


Political with a small ‘p’ by Ciar Byrne

In its 190 year history, The Spectator has never sold more copies than it’s doing now. As editor Fraser Nelson tells Ciar Byrne, the secret is not banging on about politics but serving up an eclectic range of writers and features and, importantly, getting the print / digital mix right.

Posted on: 27 March 2018


VR: staying ahead of the curve by Ciar Byrne

VR is one of those technologies that keeps appearing on next-big-thing lists, yet, as Francesca Panetta tells Ciar Byrne, the tech is still in its infancy. By investing in VR now, the Guardian is making sure it’ll be a long way along the learning curve by the time VR really takes off.

Posted on: 01 February 2018


Hello! – Friend to the Stars by Ciar Byrne

One year off its thirtieth birthday, the UK edition of Hello! is holding up well at the newsstand and developing its digital offering too. As Rosie Nixon and Kevin Petley explain to Ciar Byrne, the secret of their success is remaining true to their brand values.

Posted on: 30 November 2017


Vertically focused by Ciar Byrne

Sometimes it’s the simplest insights that make the biggest difference. As Milton Elias tells Ciar Byrne, realising that most people hold their smartphones vertically has led to a significant reappraisal of News UK’s video offering.

Posted on: 26 September 2017


An American In London by Ciar Byrne

Betsy Fast, recently arrived from the US, is Hearst UK’s new executive director of digital editorial strategy. As she tells Ciar Byrne, the UK lags a little way behind the US in terms of digital transformation, but that that presents a huge opportunity!

Posted on: 27 July 2017


House & Garden – showing no signs of ageing by Ciar Byrne

As it celebrates its 70th birthday, the Condé Nast title is busily adding followers and garnering likes on social media and experimenting with brand extensions. Yet, as Hatta Byng and Kate Slesinger tell Ciar Byrne, print is still where the heart is.

Posted on: 25 May 2017


Beauty direct by Ciar Byrne

As publishers seek to reinvent their business models, it’s a good idea to play to existing strengths. In the case of Time Inc UK, this meant focusing on the beauty market, where their editorial and commercial expertise has helped underpin two exciting new e-commerce ventures. Ciar Byrne reports.

Posted on: 28 March 2017


Story Time by Ciar Byrne

Recognising the increased demand from advertisers for content marketing solutions, some publishers have set up dedicated in-house agencies to devise and deliver native advertising campaigns. Ciar Byrne talks to ESI Media’s Jon O’Donnell and Charlie Edelman about their new creative unit, launched in the autumn.

Posted on: 03 February 2017


Look – the new brand strategy by Ciar Byrne

In September, Look unveiled a new brand strategy built around four content pillars and a belief that the brand had to be everywhere its audience was. Ciar Byrne talks to some of the key players behind the new strategy.

Posted on: 27 November 2016


Incisive’s root & branch rebuild by Ciar Byrne

It sometimes seems there are all too few good news stories in publishing these days. So the tale of Incisive Media’s award-winning twelve-month project to rebuild its digital platforms makes a refreshing change, writes Ciar Byrne.

Posted on: 03 October 2016


Campaign reinvented by Ciar Byrne

In May, Haymarket brought its Brand Republic, Marketing and Media Week brands together under the Campaign umbrella. Claire Beale and Adrian Barrick explain to Ciar Byrne how and why four became one.

Posted on: 27 July 2016


Jeff Moriarty - interview by Ciar Byrne

Over the past year, Johnston Press has been relaunching the websites of its major regional titles and the early indicators, in terms of traffic and ad revenue, are encouraging. Ciar Byrne talks to Jeff Moriarty, chief digital and product officer, about their strategy.

Posted on: 03 June 2016


Porter – aiming high by Ciar Byrne

When Net-a-Porter decided to launch a magazine, it assembled an experienced and talented publishing team with the express purpose of producing a great fashion magazine. As Porter celebrates its first birthday, Ciar Byrne talks to Tess Macleod Smith about the online retailer’s publishing strategy.

Posted on: 25 March 2015


Grazia’s multi-platform strategy by Ciar Byrne

You can’t read an iPad in the bath and you can’t watch a video in print, yet readers want to read and view content where, when and how they like, so an integrated well thought through multi-platform strategy is essential. Ciar Byrne looks at the evolving offering of fashion weekly, Grazia.

Posted on: 19 March 2014


Private Eye: a print success story by Ciar Byrne

The circulation of Private Eye has been growing these past ten years. This is no print + web sleight of hand; the growth is all print. Is Private Eye the exception that proves the rule, asks Ciar Byrne, or can the rest of our digitally obsessed industry learn something from them?

Posted on: 25 January 2014


Sun+: will it take off? by Ciar Byrne

In August, The Sun put up a paywall around its website, with the launch of Sun+. Unsurprisingly, site traffic plummeted, but will the new content package on offer entice enough Sun readers to open their wallets? Ciar Byrne joined the early subscribers to size up the new offering.

Posted on: 30 November 2013


Mike Perlis - interview by Ciar Byrne

A lot of publishers are struggling over their strategic direction. One that does not appear to be is Forbes, which is enjoying continued success in print combined with rapidly growing digital advertising revenues. Ciar Byrne talks to Forbes CEO Mike Perlis about their successful publishing strategy.

Posted on: 23 July 2013


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