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September / October 2011 Features List

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Newspapers section

Ray Snoddy: subject to be confirmed.

Barry Henderson: newspapers need to focus on producing ads that have a chance to work!

Chris Maguire shines a spotlight on the weekly press.

In the aftermath of the phone hacking furore, Jon Slattery looks at the regulatory implications.

Jim Chisholm: subject to be confirmed.

Magazines section

Katrina Andrews examines some dos and don’ts when expanding into Asia.

Kevin Gentzel outlines Forbes’ publishing strategy.

Bonkers! Andy Maslen lists five weird marketing decisions routinely made by publishers.

Jamie Higginson reviews the Jan-June ABCs.

Gill Hudson looks at the strategy behind the recent relaunch of Reader’s Digest.

Peter Jackson asks, are magazines making the most of pictures?

Online section

Carolyn Morgan reviews the recent Mobile Media Conference.

Meg Carter interviews’s managing director Rob Grimshaw.

Future’s Richard Foster describes his company’s digital strategy.

Peter Houston on how Advanstar have profitably embraced multi-platform publishing.

And finally ...

Another ‘View from the States’ from Karlene Lukovitz.

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