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MagManager is a really easy and effective way for you to manage your magazines. Because it's both flat plan software and magazine management software it has everything you need to run your business in one complete package.

Why MagManager makes running your business easier:


  • you'll never need to prepare another paper flat plan, ever again!
  • its unique flat plan software means you can quickly and easily build and change your magazine by dragging, dropping and moving any size of ad or content.
  • its comprehensive magazine management software gives you full control over all aspects of your business including your publications, bookings, customers, invoices, users, task management, rate cards and flat plans.
  • it integrates seamlessly with Xero and KashFlow, so is always in sync with your accounts system.
  • its dashboard view tells you at a glance the key performance metrics for all of your magazines
  • its reports give you instant access to all the important information you need such as your sales forecasts, renewals, bookings, labels and sales figures.
  • its intuitive design means it feels natural, easy and helpful to use, for example the way it starts searching the minute you start typing.
  • it saves you time by automatically completing tasks for you such as creating your index.
  • its crystal clear screen layouts make it easy to read and understand and a pleasure to use.
  • you can share access with as many users as you like and keep your whole team in the loop.
  • it synchronizes with Dropbox giving you instant access to your content. Upload it directly from MagManager and your flat plan will look exactly like your finished magazine.
  • it's built on state-of-the-art technology so is quick, super-responsive and secure.
  • it's cloud-based so is always available in its most up-to-date version, wherever you are and whenever you need to work.
  • it's designed by both a magazine publisher who knows your industry and software experts who understand technology it works perfectly for your business.
  • your subscription includes customer support from people who understand the needs and challenges of your business, not just techies who don't!

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