Zenith Marketing Services

Zenith Marketing Services – experts in subscriptions and magazine marketing.

Magazine publishers seeking to drive subscriptions growth through smart marketing need look no further.

We work with a range of titles from small to mid-sized independent publishers to drive subscriber acquisition and improve retention, offering significant return on investment.

We typically work with clients in one of two ways:-

Outsourced Subscriptions Marketing Function

We work with our clients as part of a team, offering all the advantages of an in-house marketing department, without the down sides! We take time to understand our clients’ objectives and to put together a subscriptions marketing strategy that will achieve the right goals. We prepare an annual budget, and we plan and implement specific campaigns, using a range of on- and off-line techniques, special offers, third party associations and traditional direct marketing.

Our approach is flexible and accessible, and we undertake all the tasks required to deliver subscriptions growth from inception to orders.

And we are fully accountable. We analyse and measure all results, providing detailed reporting on the success of our activity.

Ad Hoc Projects

We are also available to help publishers with specific one-off projects. These might include a reader survey, a database project, print audit or production of marketing materials such as a media pack, website or mailer.

Smart publishers should contact Zenith Marketing Services.