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PCS Publishing

Castle Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3AD

Celebrating 45 years of helping publishers realise the art of the possible and continuing to innovate for the future.

PCS is at the forefront of product innovation within the publishing industry and this year we are celebrating our 45th birthday!

In 1973, PCS developed one of the UK’s first fully computerised publishing systems – Press 11 – a forerunner of the digital systems used by publishers all over the world today. This was an exciting year within the industry as it also saw the introduction of the internet, voicemail and the mobile phone which marked a dramatic change in communication methods.

Since then, PCS has taken advantage of new technologies to help envision more efficient content first publishing workfiows and better methods of delivery; driving the move to ‘always-on’, independent remote working in the cloud and responding to the increasing desire of technology consumers to purchase software as a service.

Our UK based, in-house developed portfolio of solutions facilitates collaboration across editorial, advertising and circulation workflows for newspaper and magazine publishers.

We take a partnership approach with all our clients to deliver tailored solutions, the benefits of which can then be available to our other customers to ensure they always have the latest workfiow efficiency tools at their fingertips. With that in mind, we can facilitate collaboration through the sharing of resources whether you are looking to outsource tasks or increase your revenue stream.

It’s a given that content is king and if you want to succeed in the current publishing market, it is about delivering the right content to the right people through the right channels. Our browser based Knowledge portfolio makes that happen whether you are publishing to digital, print or both simultaneously.

We have an award-winning IT infrastructure that is second to none, with all data backed up at two separate data centres. If it is hosting you are after, we can remove your IT overheads and offer you a fully scalable service that meets the needs of publishers big and small.

PCS is part of the Claverley Group of companies who have an annual turnover of £120m; the group also includes Midland News Association (MNA), publishers of the UK’s leading regional daily newspaper The Express & Star, MNA Media, commercial printers Precision Colour Printing and Channel Islands news publisher, Guiton Group.

Contact PCS to find out how our 45 years of experience can benefit your business.

PCS solutions:

  • Knowledge Publish - Editorial and collaboration platform
  • Knowledge Prospect - Advertising sales and customer management platform
  • NCS - Circulation and subscription management platform
  • PropertyNet - Property advertising and publishing platform
  • Pulse - Advert production solution for print and digital

PCS facilitates hubbing workflow for CN Group

PCS has delivered a hubbing workflow for independent local media business CN Group.

Author: News Desk
Posted on: 16 June 2017

Miller Hogg: "We are pleased with how MNA and PCS has worked with our team, delivering an on-time project that is already providing results."

Ad production for two daily tabloids, seven weekly titles and four magazines will now be handled entirely by Midlands News Association.

Following in the footsteps of other publishers such as Guiton Group, Racing Post and Oldham Chronicle, CN Group made this decision to support the requirements of its commercial customers and meet their volume demands, now and in the future, says PCS.

Utilising Pulse from PCS, MNA will now create display ads for all the CN newspaper titles, as well as magazine ads and static digital ads. Under a service level agreement, the MNA will produce all ads for CN Group within three hours; most of which are expected to be done in less time.

Pulse is a browser-based advertising production tool for print and digital that allows ad bookings to be made, viewed and modified in Adobe InDesign. Customisable workflows mean that ads can be controlled by deadline, against positions and classifications or by status in the production process. According to PCS, close integration with the Knowledge Portfolio means publishers can offer fully interactive third party access for 24/7 ad production, making outsourcing management an easily achievable and viable possibility.

Phil Walker MD at PCS comments: “One of PCS’s strengths is helping clients to create efficiencies in the current competitive media marketplace. Partnering with MNA and using Pulse means we can facilitate a UK based hubbing workflow that delivers high quality work at reduced costs.”

CN Group chief executive Miller Hogg says: “Taking advantage of the larger, more flexible set up at the MNA can help us adapt to the demands of our customers. We are pleased with how MNA and PCS has worked with our team, delivering an on-time project that is already providing results.”

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