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WoodWing Software

Ronde Tocht 1d, 1507 CC Zaandam, The Netherlands

WoodWing Software is a global market leader in multichannel publishing and digital asset management software. We enable brands, media companies and publishers to create great content against reduced costs, optimised for each channel and with a shorter time to market.

Key Product Portfolio

  • Our multichannel publishing solution, Enterprise: Enterprise is here to give your audience the experience they deserve. Create inspirational content that can be easily tweaked, changed or adapted for publishing on any print or digital channel. With smart workflow features, automation and team collaboration, Enterprise allows every piece of content to realise its greatest potential.
  • Our digital asset management solution, Elvis DAM: Elvis DAM enables companies to store all their files in a single location, for easy access and maximum control over when and where assets are used. It’s also indispensable when archiving past publication issues, and bringing them back into production for repurposing and monetisation later in time. Elvis DAM is an open platform with unlimited scalability.

Global support and resources

Not only does WoodWing have offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, we also work closely with over 80 partners in more than 100 countries. WoodWing is a long-standing Adobe Technology Partner and we collaborate with many other technology vendors worldwide.

Become part of the WoodWing family

Today, hundreds of companies trust us to help them stay competitive, leverage new opportunities and grow their business. It’s something we are immensely proud of. Why not join them?

“With its multichannel publishing and digital management applications, WoodWing has revolutionised Yaffa... the greatest change has been streamlining the workflow and reducing production time from seven weeks to three, resulting in more time to sell.” Matthew Gunn, Production Director at Ya­ffa Media

Contact info
Contact Jeroen Sonnemans
Job title SVP Strategic Accounts
Tel +31 75 614 3400
Email Jeroen Sonnemans
Address WoodWing Software
Ronde Tocht 1d
1507 CC Zaandam
The Netherlands
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Tamedia chooses WoodWing’s Enterprise Aurora
30 August 2018
Ross Paterson succeeds Jan de Roos as WoodWing’s CEO
4 June 2018
WoodWing strengthens partnership with SPRYLAB
1 February 2018
WoodWing’s Aurora: Closing the gap between digital and print
8 December 2017
WoodWing names new CEO
2 February 2017
WoodWing releases version 10 of Content Station
11 August 2016
WoodWing introduces Content Cloud
16 September 2015
WoodWing’s HTML5 tool Inception drives the evolution of TopGear
11 September 2015
Time Inc's Scott Smith joins WoodWing
26 August 2015
WoodWing powers new National Theatre app
4 August 2015
WoodWing introduces Inception
26 June 2015
Malay Mail implements WoodWing solutions
11 June 2015
Sky chooses WoodWing for Editorial Asset Centre
22 May 2015
WoodWing releases Apple Watch application template
7 May 2015
WoodWing integrates Elvis DAM with TruEdit and vjoon K4
1 April 2015
New version of WoodWing Enterprise simplifies reuse of online content in print
6 February 2015
WoodWing establishes Digital Publishing Production Services
11 September 2014
Impresa selects WoodWing Elvis DAM
15 August 2014
WoodWing introduces cloud-based publishing process analytics
23 June 2014
CoDesCo introduces Smart Translation Solution for WoodWing Enterprise
18 June 2014
Another leading Italian sports title chooses WoodWing
4 June 2014
WoodWing announces lineup for Xperience 2014
14 May 2014
WoodWing makes new UK appointment
1 May 2014
WoodWing releases Enterprise 9.2 with WordPress connector
14 March 2014
UMI selects WoodWing´s publishing workflow and DAM solutions
7 March 2014

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