ES Magazine launches new Brand Stories content for advertisers

Evening Standard has launched a new advertising solution that enables brands to create engaging visual Stories, amplified across Evening Standard websites.

ES Magazine launches new Brand Stories content for advertisers
Charles Yardley: “We’re committed to helping accelerate tappable storytelling.”

ES Magazine returned to London’s streets last week with the bi-annual fashion edition. In addition to the magazine, the return is amplified by an improved digital offering allowing readers to access the content wherever they are. The refreshed digital platform allows advertisers to improve and diversify their digital storytelling with the help of rich, tap-through visual scenes, specifically designed for the mobile web, say the publishers.

According to the Evening Standard, Brand Stories allows brands to leverage a fully scaled opportunity, with more than one billion people now engaging daily and intuitively with tappable content across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp.

Branded content is delivered programmatically within editorial context and introduces the tappable format to a practical new real-estate, as users can begin to engage with the content immediately, without having to navigate to another page

Unlike Instagram Stories, the product helps create content that’s part of the open web and can be shared or embedded, without being confined to a single ecosystem.

“Stories embrace the practical needs of audiences that are set to engage with brands through bigger screens, better cameras, faster mobile connections and shorter attention spans. We’re committed to helping accelerate tappable storytelling at a time when mobile has moved from being the third screen to being our one and only screen,” explained Charles Yardley, CEO at Evening Standard.

The new property allows ES Magazine to create content that’s compatible with the new Web Story (AMP) format established by Google.

James White, Commercial Director, Evening Standard said, “ES Magazine has such an important influence on Londoners, and we’re delighted to bring its much-loved content to our readers in a digestible and engaging way. With 85% of online consumed on smartphones, we wanted to ensure our readers enjoyed an unparalleled experience whether flicking through the glossy pages of the magazine or scrolling online. With our slick new digital journey, we’ll be able to underpin our focus around great content on multiple platforms.”