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Q&A Print choices: 5 minutes with… Michelle Pearce

Where you print your magazine, when you print it and what you print it on, are all fundamental choices publishers face. We ask Bishops Printers’ Michelle Pearce for her advice…

News Open Science Charter makes urgent appeal for open access

The Frontiers Research Foundation launches the Open Science Charter and calls upon all to support mandatory open access to all publicly funded scientific knowledge by 2030.

News Magnetic Spotlight Award winners announced

Last week, agencies, clients and publishers gathered in London for the annual Magnetic Spotlight Awards, where the industry celebrated the most effective campaigns that have run in partnership with magazine brands.

MEDIA FUTURES Getting the price right

Pricing is the cutting edge of strategy, writes Jim Bilton. The right-pricing of content-based products and services will determine the future of every media business. That is a major theme running through mediafutures.

September/October 2023 issue now available

The latest issue of InPublishing magazine has just been published.

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