News Sailing Today and Yachts & Yachting magazines to merge

Two of Britain’s leading sailing magazines, Sailing Today and Yachts & Yachting, are to merge and join forces for the duration of the current crisis.

FEATURE Here come the machines: 5 ways AI will help us create great content

Artificial intelligence can do the heavy lifting of data processing, allowing publishers to increase output, become more creative and reach new markets. It’s a huge opportunity, says Rebekah Billingsley, though not without its potential drawbacks.

By Rebekah Billingsley

SUPPLIER PROFILE - GLIDE How to make your editorial teams soar

Journalists love to create content, so why do some publishers make it so hard for them to do so? Unfit-for-purpose CMS and publishing platforms stifle creativity and leave content creators demotivated and unproductive. It needn’t be this way…

By James Evelegh

Information hub Coronavirus hub

The coronavirus is putting unprecedented strain on society, the economy and, of course, the publishing sector. Here is what the industry is doing about it...

By James Evelegh

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