News Archant to close two-thirds of its newsrooms

Archant announced it is to close two-thirds of its newsrooms before April next year, retaining offices in Norwich, Ipswich, Huntingdon and Exeter, after few staff returned when sites reopened.

COLUMN Liz Gerard’s Notebook

Paul Dacre returns to the Mail, the Ofcom appointment process, playing the blame game over Channel deaths, racism in cricket, England's 20-0 win, Storm Arwen, saving Christmas, setting criminals free to re-offend, front page of the fortnight...

By Liz Gerard

FEATURE Why proving campaign success is key to publisher success

Are you measuring the effectiveness of the ad campaigns you sell? If not, asks Brand Metrics’ Sean Adams, how are you going to improve performance and build more productive relationships with your advertising clients?

By Sean Adams

MEDIA FUTURES The Ecommerce Challenge

Ecommerce – the future of media or a dangerous distraction? Get it right and it can transform your company’s financials. Get it wrong, writes Jim Bilton, and it can destroy your business. And there are plenty of examples of both.

By Jim Bilton

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