Ozone Project signs Stylist Group

The Ozone Project, a publisher-owned advertising network, yesterday announced The Stylist Group as its fifth publisher.

Ozone Project signs Stylist Group
Damon Reeve: “This partnership certainly sets the bar for the quality of content publisher that The Ozone Project will partner with in the future.”

The female-focused, lifestyle publisher - who will also represent the digital newspaper titles of its parent company DC Thomson - brings a new depth of audience to The Ozone Project’s premium advertising offering, says The Ozone Project.

The Stylist Group joins The Ozone Project’s four founder publishers: The Guardian, News UK and The Telegraph and Reach Plc. Across these titles alone, The Ozone Project already offers advertisers access to a potential audience of more than 44 million adults in the UK each month, in what the organisation describes as “a premium, trusted context”.

The Ozone Project says: “While The Ozone Project currently reaches 99% of the UK’s online population every month, the introduction of The Stylist Group will have a positive impact on frequency measures as well as the weekly reach of the platform, adding an extra half million adults every week. The partnership will also deliver incremental audience intelligence to enrich audience understanding and enable greater contextual ad targeting in these trusted editorial environments.”

Launching last year, The Ozone Project now claims to be the UK’s leading high quality digital advertising environment. In its first year, The Ozone Project has worked with more than 70 brands.

Damon Reeve, Chief Executive Officer, The Ozone Project, said: “We are delighted to welcome The Stylist Group as The Ozone Project’s newest publishing partner. We have always been very transparent about our desire to create the most effective opportunities for advertisers, and bringing forward-thinking, premium content publishers into our ecosystem can only enrich that offering . The great content created by The Stylist Group is hugely complementary to the quality, trusted editorial generated by our founders’ titles on a daily basis. This partnership certainly sets the bar for the quality of content publisher that The Ozone Project will partner with in the future.”

David Hayter, Head of Digital, The Stylist Group, said: “The Stylist Group and DC Thomson are hugely excited to join The Ozone Project. As a publisher we have been through a digital transformation over the past 12 months and during that time I’ve been closely watching what The Ozone Project has been creating. The Stylist Group has always been an advocate for transparency in the digital advertising eco-system and have found The Ozone Project to closely mirror the values that Stylist has always strived to work towards. I’m delighted to be able to bring a stable of quality titles into The Ozone Project alongside the four founding members.”