Verto Analytics Launches Audience Profiles Product

Verto Analytics, a consumer-centric measurement company, yesterday announced a new media measurement product targeted for US and Europe-based publishers.

Audience Profiles claims to be the first single-source audience measurement solution to offer behavioural, demographic, device usage and competitive insights in one package. Now, publishers can create unique, descriptive and comprehensive audience profiles that power storytelling and monetise users via advertising.

The product gives publishers an accurate picture of their unduplicated audience across devices. The problem publishers have, says Verto Analytics, is that audience measurement solutions originally built to measure media behaviour from a single device or ones that rely on tagging are no longer relevant in the cross-device age.

With Audience Profiles, publishers can present a compelling narrative about their audiences by quantifying detailed cross-device engagement across apps and websites, along with demographic and behavioural attributes, including retention, stickiness, deep app and property level engagement, and usage-based segmentation. Further, Audience Profiles includes comparative metrics for a publisher’s closest competitors to help advertisers see the nuanced differences between each audience, and understand why a given publisher and its audience could be suitable for them.

Consumer media consumption patterns have changed dramatically, even over the last year. Today, the average consumer owns and uses as many as five devices, making cross-device multitasking the “new normal”. In 2016, Verto Analytics data showed that between July and December 2016, the total monthly time consumers spent using mobile apps on smartphones grew by a staggering 13%. Additionally, in September 2016, mobile screen time (smartphones and tablets) exceeded PC time by 10 minutes for cross-device users.

According to Verto, the traditional approach to media measurement is no longer meeting the needs of publishers and advertisers. The explosion of cross-device and mobile users means it is more important for advertisers, agencies and media companies to understand their total audience and how to reach them.

Audience Profiles provides deeper insights into the cross-device consumer, helping publishers and advertisers deliver a story about their audience that is both credible and differentiated from their competitors. Verto Analytics’ single-source measurement methodology, based on behavioural data gathered from a panel of opt-in consumers that own and use multiple devices, measures from the point of consumer interaction across all platforms, media, content and devices. The benefit of the single-source approach is that usage is measured across different media for the same individuals.

Significant claimed features of Audience Profiles include:

• A “day-in-the life” visualisation of a publisher’s audience showing all the branded channels and properties they access during the day.

• Unique metrics that quantify audience engagement (e.g. time spent, stickiness, cross-device usage, demographics and more) sectioned by the hour, day, week, month.

• A comparative analysis to show how a publisher’s audience differs from its competitive set.

• Analysis of cross-service usage, exclusive users, and other compelling metrics that help publishers article for the uniqueness of their audience

Audience Profiles is now available in beta for US & UK-based customers.