GumGum launches into 6 new European markets

Expansion comes as company releases new research revealing that over three quarters of UK consumers are more comfortable seeing online ads that align with a digital environment over ads based on browsing history.

GumGum launches into 6 new European markets
Phil Schraeder: “As human beings we naturally move in micro-moments, floating from one topic to another. Digital advertising should move with us.”

GumGum, a contextual-first advertising technology company, today signals the next phase in its expansion with the launch of its newly combined operation with JustPremium, heralding the official launch of the GumGum brand in 6 new European markets. GumGum is also launching new research revealing UK consumers' interest in leaving behavioural targeting behind.

The study by GumGum and conducted by the Harris Poll found that UK consumers are ready for advertisers to ditch tracking their behaviour and place more of an emphasis on placing ads that align with the digital environment and content they are looking at.

According to GumGum, top findings from the survey include:

  • A majority of UK consumers (65%) would be more tempted to buy a product from an online ad that is relevant to the web page they are looking at in that moment, compared to only 35% who say they’d be tempted to purchase from an online ad based on content they have viewed in the last 30 days.
  • Four in five UK consumers (80%) would be more open to seeing online ads on a website if the ads don’t require the use of their personal data.
  • A majority of UK adults (66%) say they are uncomfortable with brands tracking their browsing history in order to show them personalised ads online.

“This shift away from audience tracking isn’t just because of Google or regulations like GDPR, it’s actually what people want. We found that over a third of UK adults (38%) feel creeped out when brands use technology to track their internet browsing habits in order to deliver relevant advertising, while 31% say they feel violated. That is not how we want people to feel about our industry,” said GumGum’s, CEO, Phil Schraeder.

Schraeder goes on to say, “As human beings we naturally move in micro-moments, floating from one topic to another. Digital advertising should move with us. Our framework, The Mindset Matrix is what we believe will give advertisers what they need to deliver relevant, engaging, and effective ads to people without the use of personal data. Not to mention improve how people feel and see the world of digital advertising.”

As one of the leading contextual providers, GumGum says it had a groundbreaking year in 2021 adding more than 400 new clients and posting a year-on-year pro-forma revenue growth rate in excess of 40%. In April, it received a $75 million investment from Goldman Sachs Growth to power the growth of its Verity proprietary contextual intelligence engine and other products, to add to backing from Morgan Stanley, New View and Upfront Ventures.

With the addition of the technology and teams of JustPremium, GumGum now brings to the European market a strong mix of contextual intelligence and creative capabilities. Through GumGum, advertisers will now be able to deliver bespoke advertising campaigns that capture consumer attention across digital environments at scale, without the use of personal data or cookies, says GumGum.

Eric Visser, President of EMEA, GumGum adds: “It’s been five years since GDPR went into effect and the industry has had to start facing a future without personal data. We are delighted to be in a stronger position now more than ever to support our partners across the EMEA market with a privacy-forward solution through contextual and creative that allows them to still deliver attention-grabbing campaigns that deliver results.”

GumGum is one of the leading contextual providers in the UK. Having worked with over 150 advertisers in 2021 and grown by over 280% YOY, says the company, it is well placed to continue this growth through the acquisition of JustPremium.

GumGum has more than 400 employees working from 19 regions around the world.

The new operation retires the JustPremium name, bringing the company fully under the GumGum brand and installing JustPremium founder Eric Visser as President of EMEA.

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