PageSuite announces launch of PageSuite Infinity

PageSuite, a digital publishing company, has launched a new app CMS that offers clients greater control over their apps. PageSuite Infinity allows users to build, manage and publish apps in one seamless workflow.

Users will have the option to choose from a library of pre-designed templates or create their own in the product’s intuitive Designer Tool. The templates will determine the app’s overall appearance and functionality. Apps can be powered by feed content, PDF content or a mixture of the two.

According to PageSuite, PDF content can be transformed in the CMS via the Edition Editor. The page order can be amended, new pages can be added and old pages deleted. Users will also have the option to add interstitial adverts within the existing page flow and implement vertical scrolling by ‘dragging and dropping’ existing pages.

Intelligent Geo Location tools enable companies to target their app’s audience by location. Push notifications can be scheduled to send to app users when they enter or exit a fixed location with a highly targeted message.

Further to this, companies will also be able to send Rich Media messages to users which include links, videos or images. Standard push notifications can be sent to specific groups including lapsed subscribers or users whose subscriptions are close to expiring.

Ross Murphy, Managing Director at PageSuite, said: “We’re delighted to bring PageSuite Infinity to the market. It enables companies to control their entire app workflow in one intelligent CMS. PageSuite Infinity contains some fantastic marketing tools which will really help our clients to monetize their digital content.”

PageSuite Infinity supports different devices and enables users to ensure that their apps are optimised for mobile and tablet models as templates are automatically scaled to fit any screen resolution.

Users can also manage payments, app store settings and create builds for testing. PageSuite Infinity is also integrated with Google Analytics which means that apps stats will be available directly within the app CMS.

About PageSuite

PageSuite says: “PageSuite is a leading digital, mobile and tablet publishing company that provides strategic solutions for future focussed publishers. Their speciality lies in working directly with newspaper and magazine publishers to help them deliver engaging content through multiple channels, cutting print and distribution costs and enhancing the end-user experience.”