The things they said (in our November/December issue)

James Evelegh picks out some of the highlights from the latest issue of InPublishing magazine.

By James Evelegh

The things they said (in our November/December issue)

The November / December issue of InPublishing magazine was published last week. Here are some of the quotes that stood out for me (all the links are to our digital edition):

  1. “Climate change is going to require an awful lot of explanation and digging. It’s a fantastic journalistic mission for the future.” (Christian Broughton, MD, The Independent)
  2. “While readers said they wanted positive stories, what they actually picked up and bought was fast, shocking bad news.” (Dickon Ross on ‘solutions journalism’)
  3. “What is significant about the partnership revenue is that it has more than filled the hole left by the flight of display advertising.” (Guy Procter, editor, Country Walking magazine)
  4. “We forecast that an extra £1billion of advertiser profit will be realised between 2017 and 2025 if we continue on the same growth trajectory.” (Jo Allan, CEO, Newsworks)
  5. “This tip-jar model has been proven to generate higher revenues than a standard price.” (Carolyn Morgan & Will Page)
  6. “If you are just taking ads from one small part (of the digital ad market), then you are missing out on revenue.” (Trade House Media’s Richard Cook on the importance of publishers utilising the full digital ad ecosystem – sponsored article)
  7. “It can become slightly lazy when we start to segment by age or gender, especially when it comes to news.” (Taneth Evans, associate editor, The Sunday Times)
  8. “If you see something that’s not quite right, fix it; if you see an opportunity, grab it.” (Helen Fish, CEO, Executive Grapevine)
  9. “One thing that businesses tend to get wrong in terms of growing a community is thinking that they own it.” (Sophie Cross, editor, Freelancer Magazine, is one of eight publishers and suppliers giving us their views in our (sponsored) ‘Building Successful Communities’ special feature)
  10. “The business case for more marketing and people was 100% ROI driven and showed excellent LTV.” (Immediate Media’s Jess Burney on their ‘one million subs challenge’)
  11. “In digital publishing, scale was the god that failed. And thousands of journalists went along for the roller-coaster ride, without anyone warning them how it was bound to end.” (Josh Marshall in The Atlantic, one of Jon Slattery’s ‘media quotes of the year’)
  12. “Just four pages of ads (sanitary products, plants, pet insurance, slippers) plus two pages of ‘Marketplace’ means there is plenty of room to spread the love (including ‘Help, I’m a cougar!’).” (Alan Geere enjoying the 23 September issue of Chat)
  13. “It’s very easy when building a platform like this to fall into a trap of over engineering it.” (Jeremy Macdonald on MedicinesComplete)
  14. “The Sun, Mail and Telegraph all managed long and detailed stories about the problem without mentioning the B-word once.” (Liz Gerard on how some of the press are reporting our current crises without mentioning you-know-what.)
  15. “A slow supply chain is actually much more eco-friendly than a fast one.” (Jim Bilton)

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