Podcasts are go

Two things publishers are particularly focusing on at the moment, for obvious reasons, are webinars and podcasts.

By James Evelegh

Podcasts are go
Photograph: Jonathan Farber on Unsplash

We’ve been doing webinars since 2013 and now, I’m pleased to say, we’re doing podcasts too.

Called, err, ‘The InPublishing Podcast’, we’re aiming to put out a new episode every Wednesday, which will feature an interview with someone in the publishing world doing interesting things.

You can listen to a very brief introductory episode here and you can also subscribe via the major podcasting platforms. Our first full episode, an interview with Rob Attar, editor of BBC History Magazine, will go out next Wednesday.

I wrote a piece in January (Podcasts – time to get serious), which I’ve had cause to revisit a few times since then. To the nine “suggestions” in that article, I would now add a tenth: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking they’re easy (and beware short-cuts).

It’s a lot more than just scheduling a Zoom call.

For a start, audio quality is a tough one to get right, because however well you set things up your end, you still have to make sure the tech side holds up at the interviewee’s end and that’s a lot harder to control.

Clear protocols, documentation, check-sheets and transparent workflows are vital, as is having someone to manage the process.

Our learning curve has been virtually perpendicular these last few weeks, and I know there’s still much we don’t know.

I would particularly like to thank Atex for being our first podcasts sponsor.

It’s a new adventure for us, which we’re excited about. Please do subscribe and tell us what you think – all feedback appreciated.