InPublishing Guide to Retention Strategies for Publishers

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The higher your retention rates are, the longer you will retain customers for and the greater the recurring revenues generated from those customers.

Sounds so simple. Why then is there so much muddled thinking in the area of retention marketing, around pricing, segmentation, messaging, timing, customer behaviour and analytics? For publishers with significant subscription files, this confusion directly impacts the bottom line. Use this guide to replace retention confusion with retention clarity and watch your recurring revenues grow.

The InPublishing Guide to Retention Strategies for Publishers clearly articulates the business case for sustainable recurring revenues, identifies the key stages of the retention process and provides invaluable best practice advice for what publishers should be doing at each step and, importantly, who has responsibility for getting it right. (Spoiler alert: it’s not just the retention marketers.) ‘Key takeaways’ and ‘Hints & tips’ summary boxes appear throughout the guide to draw your attention to the must-do areas. For those wanting to research the subject further, footnotes and sources are clearly annotated.

This brand new ad-free guide is a highly informative and enjoyable read, full of expert advice that will, if put into practice, make a real difference to your publishing success. It’s written by Julian Thorne, one of the country’s foremost experts on retention marketing and edited by InPublishing editor James Evelegh.

By reading this guide, you will learn about:

  • the subscriber retention rate: how to calculate it and why it’s the most important metric for any business operating a recurring revenue model
  • key concepts and why nailing down definitions matters
  • metrics: what you should be measuring and why
  • how to design a high retaining subscription product and make appropriate use of the six loyalty types
  • the ‘forever promise’; how to communicate consistent, persuasive and deliverable messaging
  • ‘lifetime value’: why getting that first year renewal is so important
  • the Retention Point™ and why hitting it early makes a big difference to retention rates
  • how to onboard subscribers so that they love you
  • how to spot retention-risk subscribers, as well as cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • retention pricing strategies and the simple three-tiered pricing model that drives recurring revenue profit
  • the three distinct stages of renewal communications
  • how to ask for money (again and again and again)
  • the Netflix approach to customer retention; what publishers can learn from the multi-billion dollar video streaming service
  • and much more…

Who should read the guide:

  • Business owners, finance directors, publishing directors and senior publishing management at news, consumer and B2B media companies who already have, or would like to have, recurring revenue streams. The guide will show them how to implement a strategic focus on customer retention to drive profitable recurring revenue growth and what they should demand from the marketers they employ.
  • Senior marketing and audience professionals in media companies. The guide will arm them with the strategic advice and practical tips necessary to build long lasting and profitable customer relationships. It will also show them what their bosses will be expecting from them.
  • Ambitious junior marketing and audience professionals who are keen to reach the top. The guide will give them the grounding they need for a long and successful career!

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