BBC Science Focus Launches New Podcast Series

The ‘Instant Genius’ podcast will feature experts in bite-sized masterclasses on a new subject each week.

BBC Science Focus Launches New Podcast Series

Whether you’re curious about getting healthy, says BBC Science Focus, the Big Bang or the science of cooking, Instant Genius tells you everything you need to know in under 30 minutes.

“Discover how the Universe began with Prof Jim Al-Khalili, or look forwards to its final moments with Dr Katie Mack. Let Prof Steve Brusatte tell you about the discoveries changing everything we thought we knew about dinosaurs, or hear Ginny Smith explain how brain chemicals control every aspect of your life. Improve your cooking skills with food science, thanks to Dr Stuart Farrimond.”

Further series will cover Dr Rebecca Wragg Sykes on Neanderthals, Prof Jordan Ellenberg on geometry and Dr Christian Jarrett on changing your personality.

Exclusively for Apple Podcast Subscribers, Instant Genius Extra, provides longer, richer discussions about the most exciting ideas in the world of science and technology, say the publishers.

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