Dallas Morning News Launches Evening Edition with PageSuite

PageSuite has announced the launch of The Dallas Morning News digital-only ‘Evening Edition’, created using PageSuite’s Edition solution.

Dallas Morning News Launches Evening Edition with PageSuite
Grant Moise: “We have tested this format with a select group and the feedback has been wonderful.”

Available every weekday at 6pm, the Evening Edition provides readers with the latest developing news stories from that day, whilst enabling them to preview stories that will appear in the following morning’s edition. The mobile-optimised Evening Edition also highlights stories that have been popular online, providing existing Dallas Morning News subscribers with additional content and quick reads to enjoy during the evening, says PageSuite.

The production process is highly automated, whilst allowing The Dallas Morning News to curate and edit individual articles or editions and switch templates to adjust the look and feel of the Evening Edition.

“The Dallas Morning News is excited to be the first to re-introduce the concept of an Evening Edition through an ePaper platform. The content and format are familiar to the reader who values a print edition, but also enjoys the convenience of digital delivery. We have tested this format with a select group and the feedback has been wonderful. At a time when regional newspapers are decreasing their offerings, The Dallas Morning News is expanding and giving our members something more so they receive a curated version of the news throughout the day,” said Grant Moise, president and publisher of The Dallas Morning News.

Ross Murphy, CEO at PageSuite said; “We are delighted to have The Dallas Morning News as the US launch partner for our new Edition solution. This is a major launch for us and we’re pleased to be a part of The Dallas Morning News’ digital evolution as they bring back the concept of an ‘Evening Edition’.”

The new Evening Edition provides adds more value to existing subscribers whilst enabling The Dallas Morning News to appeal to new audiences through an expanded offering.

The Dallas Morning News Evening Edition is available via an optimised mobile app and via the web. Existing app users will just need to execute the latest update to view the new Edition. For a limited time, the product will be open for non-member, general audiences and then will become an exclusive benefit of membership to The Dallas Morning News. There will also be access to recent archives of previous Morning and Evening Editions.

You can find out more about PageSuite in our Publishing Services Directory.