Egmont to launch new Lego magazine

The new magazine from The Lego Group and Egmont Publishing will have a STE(A)M focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) with the aim of inspiring young readers to discover, create, learn, and have fun.

Egmont to launch new Lego magazine
Egmont and Lego: “two world-class creative Danish companies”. Photograph: Omar Albeik on Unsplash

The magazine aims to be both playful and educational, motivating readers to explore the world around them, learn new skills, and express themselves. Every issue will be cover-mounted with an exclusive collectible Lego toy, while also encouraging readers to find imaginative ways to use the Lego bricks they already have.

The magazine is aimed at ages 6 to 10 and will include puzzles and tips from Lego designers. The Lego Group has given Egmont Publishing worldwide rights and the first issue will launch in summer 2020 in the UK, Germany, Poland, Nordics and other key markets globally.

Andrea Ryder, Head of Lego Publishing, says: “We are excited to partner up with Egmont for the launch of a new magazine format aimed at inspiring children to build and learn about the world around them. The Lego brick and the Lego System in Play are uniquely suited to teaching STEAM principles in a fun and engaging way and a partnership with Egmont allows us to bring this to life for kids and families around the world.”

Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen, CEO of Egmont Publishing, says: “We’re delighted to announce the partnership between The Lego Group and Egmont Publishing, two world-class creative Danish companies working closely to collaborate on a market-leading concept for kids, combining learning and entertainment.”