First News to ditch plastic wrappers

First News, a weekly newspaper for 7 to 14 year-olds, has announced it is moving to fully compostable wrappers for subscription copies from 8th March 2019.

First News to ditch plastic wrappers
Nicky Cox: We know our readers will be thrilled.

Their young readers care passionately about environmental issues, say the publishers. More than 7,000 children have already signed up to the First News Wonderful World Pledge, launched in autumn 2018, promising to do all they can to help in the battle against climate change. These compostable wrappers are part of this pledge, in helping to reduce the problem of single use plastic.

Nicky Cox MBE, editorial director, said: “We weren’t surprised when our environmentally conscious and well-informed readers told us that they didn’t want their subscription copies to come in plastic wrapping. We had already begun our search to find an alternative that wouldn’t harm the planet. We know our readers will be as thrilled as we are now that we have found the answer.”

First News is published by First Group Enterprises Ltd.