HuffPost UK welcomes Black Ballad as guest-editors

HuffPost UK, part of media technology company Verizon Media, will this week be guest-edited by Black Ballad.

HuffPost UK welcomes Black Ballad as guest-editors
Harry Slater: “HuffPost UK and Black Ballad share a common mission: to tell the stories of real people and elevate voices that are so often missing in journalism.”

Black Ballad is a lifestyle platform that tells human stories about Black women, by Black women.

HuffPost UK will be publishing a series of articles, videos and podcasts across the week focused on parenting, healthcare and family life commissioned, created and written by the Black Ballad team.

As well as original articles highlighting the experiences of Black women in the UK, Jendella Benson, head of editorial at Black Ballad and Nadine White, news reporter at HuffPost UK, will also take part in Commons People, HuffPost UK’s political podcast, on Friday, 14 August to discuss Black women’s experiences specifically within healthcare, especially during pregnancy. Jendella will also be hosting an Instagram Live from the HuffPost UK account with a guest on Friday evening.

Jendella Benson, Head of Editorial at Black Ballad said: “There has been a lot of talk about allyship in recent months, but actual genuine instances of it have been few and far between. Working with HuffPost UK on this takeover has been a refreshing example of what can happen when action is put behind sentiments. They have given Black Ballad full reign to amplify the voices and experiences of Black mothers living in Britain today and it was important for us not just to highlight the struggles, but also the hopes and visions we have for a future that is more just and equitable for all. HuffPost UK are pioneers in the realm of digital media and journalism and we couldn't have asked for a better partnership.”

Harry Slater, Acting Editor-in-Chief at HuffPost UK said: “HuffPost UK and Black Ballad share a common mission: to tell the stories of real people and elevate voices that are so often missing in journalism. Both sites are committed to highlighting under-represented experiences, so this partnership is a natural fit. This is also a critical moment for civil rights. The media industry needs to do more to platform Black people speaking about their own lives in their own words – to feature a genuinely diverse range of voices that reflect readers across the UK. That goal aligns with HuffPost UK’s commitment to creating a more diverse and balanced platform. I’m delighted to welcome Black Ballad’s team as guest editors.”

According to the publishers, this initiative is part of the ongoing commitment of HuffPost to be a platform for voices of the black and wider ethnic and minority communities and follows on from HuffPost US’ Black Voices, which has amplified African American voices through political, social justice, entertainment and cultural news throughout this summer.

Also, as part of its ongoing partnership with Birmingham City University, HuffPost UK will run an 8-week virtual internship with a journalism student from the HuffPost Media Centre at Birmingham City University (BCU) – where 62% of applications are from BAME backgrounds.

Over the summer, HuffPost UK is also hosting a series of live video Q&As with prominent Black British people on topics including feminism, education, parenting and mental health as part of its “Black Voices” programme.