Informa publishes Ten-Month Trading Update

Informa, an international exhibitions, events, information services and advanced learning group, on Monday issued a trading update for the 10-month period ending 31 October 2019.

Informa publishes Ten-Month Trading Update

According to Informa, key highlights include:

  • Performance: Continued growth in revenue, adjusted profit, earnings and cashflow; full year performance on track;
  • Growth: Group underlying revenue growth of 2.8% for the ten months to 31 October 2019, ahead of significant, seasonally stronger November/December trading period;
  • Focus: Progressive Portfolio Management continues with divestiture of Industry & Infrastructure Media Brands Portfolio, following on from sale of Life Sciences Media Brands Portfolio and Agribusiness Portfolio, as well as portfolio changes in Informa Connect;
  • Expansion: Minority investment in Founders Forum and launch of joint venture with Informa Tech, combining strengths to support next phase of growth in tech innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Strength: Issue of new €500m bond further strengthens balance sheet, lowering overall cost of debt and extending average maturity to 5.5 years.

Stephen A. Carter, Group Chief Executive, Informa PLC, said: “After ten months trading in 2019, despite an unpredictable economic/geo-political backdrop, the enlarged Informa Group continues to demonstrate resilience and performance, remaining on track for a sixth consecutive year of growth in underlying revenue, profit, adjusted earnings and cashflow.”

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