Laboratory Talk and Building Talk launched using new directory technology

Abacus e-Media recently completed the successful launch of two new websites – Laboratory Talk and Building Talk – based on new technology developed in conjunction with Centaur Media, called Source.

The technology was first released in mid-2012, powering Centaur’s Source Engineering site, and combines Abacus’ CMS (Webvision) and Marketplace Directories products. The revenue model supporting the service is similar to an online classified model where the advertisers increase spend to drive visibility of their company profile, products and services, by publishing articles (press releases and whitepapers) via the sites. The result being an online service that delivers a unique experience to the end user that can be managed entirely by the advertiser through self-service, says Abacus e-Media.

Users of the sites can register to access premium editorial content, articles published by the suppliers, and can configure personalised alerts on their topics and companies of interest.

The search experience is critical for these services because the sites have tens of thousands of articles and company profiles to manage, so Abacus has integrated Autonomy’s IDOL enterprise search technology for delivering a simple and intuitive search experience across the different types of content.

Laboratory Talk and Building Talk businesses were spun-out of Centaur in 2012, now under the control of Synthesis Media and Koru Media, respectively.