My Sep/Oct takeaways

James Evelegh picks out some of the highlights of the recently published September / October issue of InPublishing magazine.

By James Evelegh

My Sep/Oct takeaways

The September / October issue of InPublishing magazine was mailed out last week. Here are some of the takeaways and highlights (all the links are to our digital edition):

  1. The key to success in regional, indeed, any publishing, is producing brilliant journalism, beautifully written and properly punctuated. (Ray Snoddy interviews Yorkshire Post editor James Mitchinson)
  2. What are portrayed as prudent financial management measures when practiced in the West are often held up as evidence of basket-case mis-management when practiced by African countries. (Omar Ben Yedder on media double standards)
  3. Early optimism that on the internet, truth would always bubble to the surface, has proved sadly misplaced, says Dickon Ross.
  4. “Publishing’s difficulties stem in part from delivering endless content as opposed to a series of read-me-now events.” (Andy Cowles)
  5. Practice makes perfect: rehearsals and tech run-throughs are just as important for virtual as for in-person events. (Carolyn Morgan)
  6. When prospecting for new subs: Jess Burney’s advice is to “invest in data and analytics capabilities and creative content marketing.” (Subs special, part 1)
  7. Onboarding tip: nail that all important first communication with a new subscriber. (Subs special, part 2)
  8. Q: When is the best time to kick off your renewal series? A: Day 1 of the new subscription. (Subs special, part 3)
  9. Local newspapers need to look beyond ‘news’, according to Matt Kelly.
  10. The correct division of time & effort between new subs acquisition and renewals is… 50:50, says Jo Adams.
  11. Alan Geere shines his spotlight on country magazines.
  12. Government funding of the media could lead to an Orwellian ministry of truth, according to Ian Murray.
  13. “The successful publisher in 2022 will need a smorgasbord of revenue streams,” says Peter Sands.
  14. An ability to launch, experiment and reinvent continues to serve Anthem Publishing well, says Jon Bickley.
  15. “The decline in county cricket coverage is a reflection of the decline in investment in journalism in regional papers.” (quote in Jon Griffin article)
  16. “If the government stands accused of being ill-prepared for this pandemic, then the news media is equally charged.” (Neil Fowler)
  17. “There will be content of enormous value in every publisher’s archive.” (Sam Kinchin-Smith)
  18. “The overall picture is that the industry is still in the middle of a fundamental business reboot.” (Jim Bilton)

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