New Scientist encourages people to “LiveSmarter”

New Scientist has partnered up with JC Decaux, the outdoor media owner, to encourage people to “LiveSmarter”, with bite-size tips on topics such as diet, exercise, brain training, relationships and technology.

These tips are taken from New Scientist’s recent news and features using the hashtag #LiveSmarter.

New Scientist will run additional content, including the original articles and features on, as well as on its social media pages.

The campaign will show on approximately 500 D6 screens UK-wide in every major train station and shopping centres including Lakeside, Bluewater, Trinity Leeds, Liverpool 1, Brent Cross and Grand Centrale, Birmingham for the whole of January.

Catherine de Lange, Biomedical Features Editor, New Scientist, said: “This time of year can be a minefield for those wanting to make a healthy start. Firstly, there’s so much conflicting, and often unreliable, health advice in the media. On top of which we are bombarded with products that promise to detox and retune our bodies – often with no scientific evidence and a hefty price tag.

“New Scientist prides itself on our unbiased, objective journalism, which helps our readers pick through the evidence and equip themselves with the real information they need to make smarter decisions about their health and their lives. Through this partnership with JCDecaux, we hope to share just a few surprising insights from some of our recent stories to an even wider audience. Of course, behind each one lies a bigger story, but these take-home messages should be food for thought, and help even more of us live a little smarter in 2016.”