News UK launches Social Amp

News UK’s commercial division The Bridge is to launch a new tool that takes brands’ social content and amplifies it across The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times’ websites and social channels.

News UK launches Social Amp

Called Social Amp, the newly developed platform has been created to address Facebook’s recent algorithm change, which favours content from friends and family over that of brands and publishers, says News UK.

Social Amp works by enabling brands to pull their social streams in to the platform, build and design their campaigns and then target the posts and content across the News UK portfolio of titles. The content then appears in page, as it would on the brands’ own social channels, along with a sponsored post tag above it.

For example, says News UK, a brand could choose to promote an individual Facebook post or trend to drive additional traffic to a specific campaign or promote all posts from their Instagram account to drive engagement and followers.

The tool offers mobile-first, highly viewable placements onsite and several brands have already successfully trialled the new digital solution. News UK says it will be announcing its first Social Amp partner in the coming days.

Ben Walmsley, Digital Director at The Bridge said: “For too long brands have been watching their organic social reach decline, diminishing the strong audience bases they have fought hard to build.

“Our ethos at The Bridge has always been to listen closely to our advertisers’ needs and meet them: Social Amp is a much-needed solution for brands who want to amplify and endorse their social feeds in quality environments, with strong reader affinity.”

According to News UK, Social Amp will enable brands to vastly increase the reach of their social channels without them having to use paid social advertising in platform.