PageSuite launch 30 News Apps for McClatchy

PageSuite has announced a collaboration with McClatchy, one of the largest publishing companies in North America, spanning markets from California to Florida and winner of more than 50 Pulitzer Prizes.

PageSuite launch 30 News Apps for McClatchy
Ross Murphy: “We’re really pleased to have worked so closely with McClatchy on this rollout.”

In collaboration with McClatchy, PageSuite has launched 30 new apps for titles including The Sacramento Bee, Miami Herald, Kansas City Star and Idaho Statesman.

The apps utilise PageSuite’s Edition and Live modules which means readers can choose to view the traditional print-replica edition or read the latest articles within the live news feed. To personalise the experience, readers are prompted to choose which view the app launches upon opening.

As well as presenting readers with the print-replica edition, The Kansas City Star app also features a special digital-only ‘Morning Sports Edition’ which offers readers the latest game coverage and breaking sports news. The digital-only edition is created by PageSuite mapping feeds from McClatchy’s web CMS to templates that emulate a print layout. In this manner, sports content is packaged up into an edition format which has the look and feel of a traditional print edition and is presented alongside the print-replica edition within the app.

The special digital-only morning editions are being promoted via QR codes within the print editions and daily email alerts, making sure readers don’t miss out. This is a great way to offer added value to digital subscribers and drive engagement within the app, says PageSuite.

All editions are placed behind a paywall and require a subscription. The live news articles follow a freemium model where some require a subscription and others are free to view. The PageSuite platform allows McClatchy to set different rules for subscription content depending on the area of the app the user is attempting to access.

Because the PageSuite platform allows clients to mix and match print-ready PDF pages with HTML templates, McClatchy are able to expand the morning sports edition to include sports results and scores that are produced as print-ready pages, and append these to each digital-only sports edition, creating a full round-up of all the day’s sporting action for subscribers.

Ross Murphy, CEO at PageSuite said, “We’re really pleased to have worked so closely with McClatchy on this rollout, particularly as their strategy involves utilising three different modules within our platform. By combining print-replica and digital-only editions with the live news feed they are not only providing subscribers with different ways to consume their content, but also offering added value and brand new products.”

All apps are now available to download across the App Store or Google Play Store.

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