Signature launches Adventures With...

Signature Publishing is launching a new monthly magazine for pre-school children, which changes theme every issue.

Signature launches Adventures With...
Amanda Clifford: “The characters and stories are endearing and funny with a unique appeal to young children.”

The pages will support early years learning through stories, puzzles, colouring and fun activities, plus each issue will come with cover mounted gifts.

Every issue of Adventures With will focus on an existing pre-school brands and the first issue will be dedicated to Masha and The Bear. This popular TV show produced by Animaccord ranks #5 in the list of most in-demand children’s shows worldwide (Parrot Analytics, Jan 2021) as well as takes #3 among top favourite kids’ entertainment brands in Europe and MEA (Kidz Global, Jan 2021 issue). On YouTube, say the publishers, the series reached over 84 billion total views and 130 million followers as well as received 40 YouTube Play Buttons including 5 Diamond Buttons (YouTube Creator Awards). In 2019, the cartoon was included in Guinness World Records book as the most-watched animated video on YouTube, with the episode “Recipe for Disaster” that today counts over 4.4 billion views.

Masha and The Bear follows the adventures of a mischievous little girl Masha and her caring friend, The Bear. Their friendship is a metaphor of how a child explores the world around, and her adult friend supports and cares about her in that journey. The cartoon became a hit for families around the globe, says Signature Publishing, due to its smart ability to entertain and educate both children and adults on such timeless life values as real friendship, care, support, and freedom of creativity.

“Masha and The Bear is a brilliant brand to begin our Adventures With magazines,” says Amanda Clifford, Signature Publishing’s Editorial Director, “the characters and stories are endearing and funny with a unique appeal to young children and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with it. We have many more exciting brands that we’re going to be taking Adventures With and each one is sure to be a magazine that children will love and treasure."

Adventures With is a monthly magazine launching 31st March 2021 priced at £4.99. The first issue, dedicated to Masha and The Bear, will come with a Masha and The Bear secret box set and will be available nationwide.

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