"The Mother Of All Parties!" Local Publishers Back Hospitality Sector

Publishers across the country have joined forces to back a campaign to support the hospitality sector badly affected by the impact of the pandemic.

"The Mother Of All Parties!" Local Publishers Back Hospitality Sector
Jeremy Clifford: “It seemed only right that in their hour of need, we did anything we could to support them.” Photograph: Louis Hansel on Unsplash.

Hospitality Action and three other charities associated with the industry have called on the public to go out and support "the mother of all parties" on Saturday, September 18, by visiting a pub, bar, cafe or other leisure venue.

Archant, Reach, Iliffe and Midlands News Association have combined to support the campaign by running a co-ordinated publicity programme leading up to the event and over that weekend.

Mark Lewis, chief executive of Hospitality Action, said: "Our favourite restaurants, cafes and pubs are the heartbeat of our local communities not only providing spaces for us to connect and socialise but also driving our local economies and employment.”

“The strong relationship which exists between local media, their readers and hospitality operators is vitally important to help us all rediscover our favourite places to spend time with our friends and family. National Hospitality Day is a celebration of our fantastic hospitality sector and value it brings to all of our lives."

Jeremy Clifford, Chief Content Officer for Archant, said: "We traditionally work closely with those in the food and drink industry, whether that be through reviews, featuring chefs and recipes or hosting awards. It seemed only right that in their hour of need, we did anything we could to support them."

Archant used the front page of the Eastern Daily Press on 1 September to call on its readers to support the industry. It is running a series of online articles through the run-up to September 18 across its entire portfolio of news and magazine brands to raise awareness about the day.

Ian Carter, Editorial Director for Iliffe Media Group, said: "We have always worked closely with the hospitality sector and are delighted to be supporting this initiative. We know how important these venues are to our readers and are keen to help them continue on their road to recovery."

Iliffe has already been running online articles and it is planning to run a special supplement on September 16.

Paul Rowlands, head of Live brands for Reach, said: “We’re delighted to lend our support to National Hospitality Day, particularly after the extreme challenges that the industry has faced over the past 18 months. Helping our readers track down the best places to eat, drink and spend their precious free time is a big focus for all our brands, and so we’re really keen to help shine a light on the hard-working people behind our favourite places - as well as the results of all their efforts.”

Martin Wright, Editor-in-Chief, of Midlands News Association, said: “The hospitality industry, which plays such an important part in our lives, continues to face serious challenges as it attempts to rebuild after the ravages of the pandemic. The Midland News Association is delighted to support this campaign, and to highlight the crucial role of the sector in our economy and society generally.”

Kate Nicholls CEO, UK Hospitality added: “We’re thrilled to support National Hospitality Day and celebrate all that is great about our sector. We have been through an unprecedented crisis and been uniquely hit by the pandemic, but throughout, hospitality has shown its strength, resilience and adaptability. Our businesses play such a vital role in communities across every corner of the UK and are integral to our cultural fabric so it’s only right we acknowledge this fact and celebrate everyone involved in our wonderful sector.”

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