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Trade House Media are the award-winning ad management platform, based in the UK and serving a global list of publishers, from publicly listed blue chip corporations to independent bloggers (and everything in between).

Whether you have an established ad tech team with a mature programmatic strategy or are an independent publisher managing everything yourself, we have a solution for you.

Our results speak for themselves. We’ve tripled the RPM on, improved the value per user of by 300% and raised revenue for Raketech Group by 245% on the sites we manage.

But revenue is only part of the picture. In every case, we’ve done this whilst showing fewer ads to their users, improving their Core Web Vitals and the user experience for their valuable audience.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Trade House Media since 2018. Every website we gave them to monetise, they exceeded our expectations, increasing our user value threefold. Always available, punctual, proactive and passionate. Everything you need from a commercial partner.” Antonella Foti, Product Manager,

Our Technology

  • Code-free placement management: Add, remove, modify ad placements from our UI without touching your code.
  • Multi-environment, single auction: Execute a single auction with Prebid, TAM, OpenBidding, AdX and your direct campaigns. Manage everything in one place and leverage our auction analytics to optimise.
  • Centralised reporting: Import and normalise data from every ad revenue source. Calculate and attribute your costs. Take advantage of our premade dashboards or build advanced custom reporting without having to export your data. Share and schedule reports with your team through our UI or via email.
  • CMP management: Implement and update your CMP implementation from our UI without touching your code. Or take advantage of our stock CMP at no cost to you.
  • Ads.txt & Sellers.json management: Manage your entries from a single location in our UI without having to upload files on your web server.
  • 3rd party tech management: Pixels, ID solutions, data management platforms or any number of 3rd party ad tech you rely on can all be launched without touching your code.
  • Plug & play implementation: Place a single script on page to connect with your existing GAM implementation or launch a brand new ad stack, instantly.

“Trade House Media are a pleasure to work with, the set up was simple and the customer service exceptional.” Katie Smith, Trading Director