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Subscriber Acquisition

The ‘Subscriber Acquisition’ report has been compiled by InPublishing Editor James Evelegh, based on in-depth questionnaires completed by leading suppliers to the publishing sector and from senior subs specialists at UK publishing companies. (The report was first published as part of a sponsored special feature in the September / October 2023 issue of InPublishing magazine.)

It is divided into four sections:

  • The big picture (split into: ‘The key trends’, ‘What should publishers be focusing on?’, ‘Lessons from other industries’, ‘Subscription vs Membership’, ‘How to balance CPA and LTV’.)
  • Key stages (split into: ‘Replenishing & maintaining the prospect pool’, ‘Moving prospects through the sales funnel’, ‘Closing the deal’, ‘Managing your newly won subscriber’.)
  • Present & future (split into: ‘Skill set’, ‘Tech configuration’, ‘KPIs’, ‘Coordinating acquisition & retention teams’, ‘Crystal Ball: Subs Acquisition in 2033’.)
  • Supplier spotlight (short profiles of the fourteen suppliers who took part)

The following contributed their expertise:

  • John Sheehy, chief solutions architect, AdvantageCS
  • Tom Mullen, head of B2B client services, Air Business Subscriptions
  • Lucy Davis, growth partner, Atlas
  • Steve Russell, client services director, Circdata
  • Angus Chenevix Trench, managing director,
  • Blake Pollard, co-founder and CRO, eMagazines
  • Lorna Fenimore, senior VP, audience, ePublishing
  • Graham Elliott, managing director, Gordon & Gotch Publishing
  • Mike Halstead, managing director, HH&S
  • Seema Bilimoria, head of acquisitions marketing, Immediate Media
  • Jamie Wren, commercial & marketing director, InterMedia
  • Sam Shedden, head of customer loyalty, National World Publishing
  • Andrew Parkinson, head of client relations, NewsTeam Group
  • Madeleine White, head of international, Poool
  • Robert Jay, board member, Realfin
  • David Coveney, director, Standfirst
  • Patrick Lidstone, managing director, The Engine Shed