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Bridged Media offers no-code solutions that use AI and machine learning to drive personalised engagement and monetisation.

With a vision to make AI an opportunity for publishers to take control of their business and gain power in the media ecosystem, Bridged offers plug-and-play integrations to product and audience teams to develop AI-driven use cases 10x faster and for one-tenth the cost.

Publishers use our solutions to adopt AI in their BAU and launch strategies to create more engagement, reader & ad revenues.

Key solutions include:

  • Smart engagement: A unique algorithm that uses NLP and GenAI to create engagement elements that make content “stickier” for your readers. Build active engagement on your content with contextual polls & quizzes that help you better understand your readers’ interests, generating 40% more engaged sessions.
  • Email / Opt-in booster: Increase email collection rates by 25% with AI-assisted strategies that prompt readers to sign up for your content at high empathy points in their journey.
  • Dynamic screen placement: A machine learning model that inserts elements such as ads, sign-up forms, subscription CTAs, alerts, offers and much more, by identifying key empathy points in your readers’ journey.
  • Smart content recommendation: A machine learning recommendation system that drives quality content consumption based on readers’ interests and behaviours. Increase recirculation rates by 100% through unique experiences for every reader and recirculate them between top-performing articles or branded content.
  • Contextual ad units: Non-competitive, innovative, contextual and engaging ad units that allow your advertisers to engage with your audience in a privacy-first environment while collecting useful information about their target market and boosting the viewability of the ads by 80% and 40% jump in CTR.
  • Smart Insights: Smart insights engine that uses AI to build trends between content consumption and product performance to drive growth and audience development relevant to editorial, product, and revenue departments.

“Bridged AI has made the website more engaging by asking the customers relevant questions, thereby increasing time on site, and the overall engagement.” Neil Wooding, Circulation, Marketing and Publishing, Greenway Publishing

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