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MagCirc Solutions

MagCirc Solutions is an independent magazine consultancy company headed up by Neil Selby.

Neil has over 25 years’ experience in circulation and distribution and we specialize in supporting and working in partnership with publishers for all their circulation requirements.

Our aim at MagCirc Solutions is to ensure that your circulation objectives are met and managed correctly to enable you to publish the best magazine possible.

Once we have discussed your requirements, we will provide you with a detailed retail plan so please get in touch with us to see how we can support you and your publications.

Retail Newsstand

The retail landscape is forever changing and getting magazines to the end consumer is more challenging than ever. Work with MagCirc to simplify this process and we will manage all of your circulation through your current distributor.

Do you feel that your magazine gets the attention and service levels it should? MagCirc will make sure that your magazine is valued, across all the different stages of the supply chain in the UK and overseas.

Are your current promotions working? MagCirc will analyse the data to see what is working and what isn’t in terms of promotions and retail planning. Use our simple ROI process to evaluate for next steps and future plans for your title.

Are you a new magazine to the market? Let MagCirc support you in this important process and guide you through the costs, opportunities and restrictions that you will no doubt face! By being completely independent MagCirc can support you to agree the best commercial deal with distributors.


MagCirc Solutions are excited to launch a new partnership with TouchTree in supporting publishers to own their own digital mobile newsstand. We help publishers to breathe new life into their print by making it accessible to digital readers in your own white-label browser-based portal built for IOS and Android on mobile devices. This solution bypasses App stores allowing publishers to retain all data and keep 100% of all the generated revenue. With a quick and easy setup, this really is a great digital opportunity to work alongside publishers’ regular print products.


MagCirc merchandises key London independents and high footfall travel stores inside London on a weekly basis and can also support publishers around specific events like the Southampton Boat show, World Cup, Notting Hill Carnival, Royal Ascot and many others.

Print Buying

MagCirc can source and manage any print buying that you may require and all we need are the specifications of your magazine to enable us to search for the best printer options in terms of quality and of course at the best price. Please contact us to see whether we can save you money by using our extensive network of the best printers around the UK.

Free Copy Placement

Copy Placement is an important part of the circulation mix for publishers. Copies are placed in relevant venues to improve brand awareness, drive subscriptions and add value to a media pack. Using trusted partners your title can be placed in venues such as Hotels, Airline Lounges, Corporate Locations, Gyms and Cruise Terminals

Brand to Hand merchandising can be arranged at travel points or specific events to get you publication direct in the hands of your target market.