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At Naviga, we believe that the world is a better place when we are all connected.

We do not just mean physically – we also mean digitally. That is why we have engineered a Publishing Platform that is flexible and powerful enough for media companies of any kind to create, enhance, distribute, and monetise their content with ease.

The world is changing rapidly and keeping your audience’s attention is even more challenging. Building and maintaining a quality relationship with your readers relies on a multitude of factors. With the products in the Publishing Platform, you can build the value that will keep people coming back.

Our philosophy is simple. We help you create and manage content from end-to-end so that you can focus on what matters most: building valuable relationships with your audience.

Our Publishing Platform orchestrates a seamless engagement journey from start to finish and ensures your business can evolve alongside the rapidly changing digital landscape.

At Naviga, our rich heritage in the media sector, combined with an unwavering commitment to digital innovation, has enabled us to engineer innovative AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered software that allows any content-focused enterprise to confidently navigate the future with automation.

Naviga’s global footprint is as expansive as our client portfolio: we have regional offices around the globe serving more than 5,000 publications and websites spanning news media, broadcasting, magazine publishing, and diverse corporate sectors in 42 countries.

Naviga Content Creation Tools

Naviga Content is a modern, comprehensive, and intuitive content creation platform that covers the full content process. From planning and creation for multiple channels, to storage and production, Naviga Content streamlines the content lifecycle across its unified solution suite.

Naviga Advertising

You can have great content, enriched by premium sources, and delivered by the most user-friendly platform available. However, to succeed, you need to monetise your news media.

At Naviga, we have modern solutions for advertising sales and audience engagement. Our all-in-one solutions can handle the complexities of digital and print. They are built for international sales, too. Plus, they integrate with solutions like Salesforce and popular accounting software.

Naviga Audience

In our information-heavy world, businesses can only succeed when they have data that is accurate, actionable, and delivered fast. Naviga’s solutions supply the information you need. Determine the best subscription strategies with software that helps you understand the reader’s behaviour, not just their demographics.