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Grow your audience, engagement, retention and revenue with Puzzler Business Partnerships.

We’ve been the UK’s no.1 creator of puzzles for over 50 years. Our experts create over half a million puzzles each year in multiple formats. We not only provide content, but help you find the best bespoke solutions to meet your business goals.

Make your audience linger longer

Our puzzles are proven to increase engagement, frequency of visits, dwell time, subscriber acquisition and retention. Client data shows that, on average, users are three times more likely to return to their platform, and will spend more than twice as long there, when compared to areas on their site that don’t have puzzles.

Increase customer satisfaction

Puzzles are known to improve mood and mental-health well-being. We show you how to use our puzzles to reinforce positive brand association, which leads to increased purchasing, subscriber retention and overall satisfaction.

Create new revenue streams

We are in a fast-growing market, both in print and digitally, with over half of the UK population interested in puzzles. We create significant new revenue opportunities for our partners. Puzzles account for more than 60% of all registrations for our media clients and increase newsletter open rates by over 20%, making them the key subscription driver.

Let us take the stress away

Over the decades, we have refined and enhanced our puzzle service to offer content and solutions perfectly tailored to our clients.

We have the technical know-how to take control of all the complex bits for you – deploying quickly across print, mobile, apps, online e-editions, games consoles, interactive TV and third-party solutions.

“We've seen big positives, like increased dwell times, retention and subscription conversions. We have been very pleased with the results and look forward to continuing to partner with Puzzler Business Partnerships.” Newsquest's Group Publishing Director

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