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Providing the most flexible international and inland mailing solutions, Spatial Global is a forward thinking proactive partner to its clients. Whether you need a small quantity of mailings in the hundreds, to tens of thousands per month – you will get the best mail management and distribution solution for your organisational or client needs.

Market experience means we understand your needs

Whether you publish magazines, books or smaller project mailings and need a one off, monthly, quarterly or annual solution, Spatial Global will provide you with the most dynamic and flexible options to meet your specific needs. Our experience and combination of in-house services cannot be matched.

  • Magazine and Book Publishers
  • Membership, Professional Bodies and Trade Associations
  • Contract Publishers, Marketing and Magazine Printers
  • Corporate Organisations, Exhibition Organisers and HR Management
  • Religious, Educational & Charitable Institutions

A comprehensive fusion of services designed to optimise efficiency and maximise your budget

Giving you a dedicated full mailing service under one roof – data, fulfilment, lettershop, pick and pack, e-commerce, storage and dispatch. Spatial Global works with you to understand your requirements and then design the most efficient solution to ensure you get the best value for every mailing.

Global Mail Services

  • International mail
  • Competitive transit times
  • Choice of priority and standard service
  • Press options and volume discounts

UK Mailing Services

  • Collection through to processing and final delivery
  • Daily collections throughout the UK (sorted and unsorted)
  • Packet post, parcel delivery and hand delivery

Mail Fulfillment Solutions

  • Data Processing and Preparation
  • Machine Mail Fulfilment
  • Hand Mail Fulfilment
  • Store, Pick and Pack
  • Kitting
  • Return Mail Handling

Publishing Mail Distribution

  • Mailing for UK Publishers
  • Mailing for Overseas Publishers
  • Publishing Mail Data Processing
  • Magazine Fulifilment
  • Book Fulfilment
  • Poly-wrapping Machine Fulfilment
  • Publishing Returns Management

Mail Value-Added Services

  • Print Management
  • Warehousing
  • Courier

Flexible mailing solutions because one size doesn’t fit all

A comprehensive selection of automated solutions, manual systems and added value services ensure your needs can be met. Working with you to design and deliver the most responsive, flexible and efficient mailing solution. This means your delivery requirements are fully explored and once understood, you get a solution designed to maximise your budget, whilst providing flexibility because we understand things change.

A price promise

Change is constant. How are you managing the ongoing changes? With our price promise you can rest assured costs are transparent, clear and we’ll always seek out the best price – and pass on the difference if we get a lower cost. This is because we strive to consistently deliver the best value for our clients.