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5 ways to increase editorial digital & print productivity at the same time


Who should attend: Editors and senior editorial staff. Additionally, business owners, publishing directors and senior publishing management.

Is your editorial team as productive as it could be? Unless you’ve systematically reviewed your workflows, content management systems, planning and scheduling processes and team structure and responsibilities, then the chances are that it won’t be.

This means that content is taking longer to produce and is costing more to create than it needs to. Some content is probably being produced twice, while other is not being produced at all. With a change in approach, highly skilled and experienced colleagues could free up vital time to create more impactful content rather than wasting time with repetitive, illogical and inefficient processes.

In this webinar, Paul Bradley, chief content editor at the National Farmers’ Union will tell us how he and his editorial team of twenty journalists and six designers successfully increased productivity within the NFU’s print and digital portfolio of six magazines, three websites, an app and social media across three countries and seven regions.

Paul will explain how he and his team:

  • overhauled the editorial planning process
  • introduced new workflows
  • set up a new photo sharing library
  • took steps to futureproof the business

He will talk us through what they did, how and why they did it and what they learned along the way.

This webinar was broadcast on 2.30-3.00pm (GMT), Tuesday 19 November 2019

Presenter: Paul Bradley

Paul Bradley is chief content editor at the National Farmers’ Union. Working closely with the head of communications and head of publishing, Paul sets the editorial direction for multiple titles including Countryside magazine, British Farmer and Grower Magazine, Student Farmer, NFU Poultry and NFU Horticulture.

Moderator: James Evelegh

James has worked in magazine publishing since 1989, and has been the editor and publisher of InPublishing since it launched in 2003. He began his career with Trinity Publishing (now DMG) and was then group circulation manager at Centaur Communications from 1994 to 1996. From 1996 to 2003, he worked as a circulation consultant to a wide range of companies including Guardian Media Group, FT Business, Euromoney, WH Smith News and Wilmington.

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