110% Gaming launches Summer Of Champions

This summer, 110% Gaming magazine is teaming up with a number of industry leaders to run a summer campaign to empower young gamers.

110% Gaming launches Summer Of Champions

According to publishers DC Thomson Media, the campaign aims to give them the tools they need to play, learn, and create – encouraging them to discover a world of opportunities via video games and feel more involved in the gaming community.

110% Gaming has partnered with top brands including Sony, Raspberry Pi, Ubisoft, Snakebyte, Code Ninjas, Media Molecule, and elite gaming professionals including Stampy, Fnatic Tekkz, Elias Toufexis, and AlvinBlox, among others to deliver an “amazing summer programme” for young gamers.

The world of video games is bigger than ever and now brings in more revenue than music and film combined, but the industry can still be a mystery to our readers, says 110% Gaming, and quite often, a scary place, for their parents, both of which the Summer Of Champions campaign challenges head-on.

The Summer Of Champions campaign opens up a number of opportunities for young people via video games, and champions positive gaming. It seeks to empower kids through gaming, giving them the tools they need to master games, learn new skills, grow in confidence, and feel part of a gaming community.

The campaign covers eSports and pro gaming, storytelling and content creation, coding, as well as highlighting the variety of career opportunities young gamers can aspire to in the gaming industry.

The campaign also highlights the cognitive benefits of gaming including:

  • Problem solving
  • Social skills
  • Coordination and fine motor skills
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Creativity and storytelling
  • Focus and concentration

Starting in 110% Gaming’s Issue 77 (on sale July 22) and continuing over three issues, the Summer Of Champions campaign champions all of the positive effects gaming has on young gamers, will help to alleviate parents’ concerns around gaming, and more importantly, gives readers a unique and exclusive insight into the gaming world and help them unlock their full potential through their love of video games, say the publishers.